Chaiwati ;)

Coffee is coffee and tea is tea. Ki farak painda?”—Riksi

ok….ye kahan se aaya!”—me

Don’t you know I love tea?”—Riksi

Of course I know. Isliye to aapka naam chaiwati rakkha hai :P”—me

That was how our conversation started just a couple of hours back and we ended up discussing the different kinds of tea available the World over, courtesy Riksi ;).

After the discussion, I realized how many people in this World, especially in India, are so addicted to tea/coffee that the drinks tend to follow them from womb to tomb.

The people have got so used to taking it in the morning that they won’t leave their cosy comforts of their beds without having a cup of the same. And when they manage to get back after a hectic day’s work, what they desire is another cup of tea or coffee.

This coffee/tea addiction has increased the demand of the same manifolds. Is it good or bad for the economy? Some would say who cares!

But when it concerns your health, I am sure you would be interested. A plethora of research has taken place, but nothing conclusive has come to the fore which can establish a cause-effect relationship, speaking scientifically.

Riksi says that it is refreshing, it curbs apetite, has anti-oxidants and is good for her.

Some would want to contradict her saying that it is addictive, might have headaches if you happen to get rid of the habit.

Whatever the truth, at the end of the day Riksi would like to conclude: “bandar kya jaane adrak ka swaad ;)”

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