The Unsung Intelligence!

How many times have you heard statements such as these: “are tum karti hi kya ho? mujhse poochon mujhe kya kya karna padta hai office mein.”

A very common monologue that you might have heard the men in our society iterate this to their better halves at every chance they get to demonstrate their superiority (at least this is the case for the majority of the families in India, I am not referring to the modern lot here, who might have been able to get rid of the monkey off their backs, explicitly if not implicitly).

Somehow, the paternalisitc society that we all live in tend to make the women in their respective families look very small, ignoring completely the significant contribution they have to make towards their families’ growth, in turn enhacing the well being of the family.

As a result, the women in our society tend to have a distorted self-image which in turn have a bearing on their confidence and personality.

As far as playing their respective part and role in a relationship is concerned, this is beyond doubt that they tend to give in much more than what their male counterpart has to offer.

Still, they don’t end up getting their due share of respect and appreciation that they so deserve. For those guys who think just the above, let me tell you that your conception about the value that your better half might be adding to your life is totally distorted.

From getting up in the morning and taking care of all the chores to making sure that everything gets done on time for you is not so simple as it might look to you. Those men who have had the opportunity to do all this for just a day would completely want to agree with me about the enormity of the task that I am talking about.

In all senses of the word, the women are the real managers of our country and society. If it was not for them doing the things that they do, we men would not be so happily doing our stuff.

And all this feat is unachievable without a competent and a proportionate level of intelligence. What ever you might want to call it, practical intelligence etc., women are truly very very intelligent human beings and they deserve a big applause for what and who they are.

Here is saluting the women in our lives who make us what we are. Three Cheers to Women!

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