New Place :)

The traveler in me is once again all set to take control of my persona and here I am wondering as to what would be my next destination.

If you are wondering why I am unable to decide upon a place to go to, its because of my current location, which in all senses of the word, is pretty much what I would to call a teaser location.

Why I say so is because Bareilly, as a city, is not very far from most of the tourist places that people like to go to. But the nature of the distances is such that it is not very near by as well, so the moment you think about going to a place, you end up getting caught in the where to and where not to query which never seems to have any kind of answer what so ever.

The options are plenty ranging from Rudrapur to Nainital and from Agra to Meerut. But there is some kind of reluctance on my part. This is happening to me for the first time as, me being me, I wouldn’t be giving it a second thought.

And guess what, I am ready to leave. New place, new destination, here I come 😉


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