A Tribute to the Proponent!

The marriage season is about to begin. Those who will be getting married this season are naturally very excited about the same. For these to be couples, it is but obvious to feel on top of the moon.

This is very well cognizable. But one thing that I am unable to decipher about a very dear friend of mine, is, why he is getting the same feelings as the to be couples 😉 . I can understand that he is about to take part in each and every marriage that he has been invited to this season, but to feel and behave in the same manner is a bit incomprehensible.

In order to get to the crux of the matter, I decided to talk to the very same person who is going through the emotions. Without going into the details of the conversation, the thing that I could infer from the same was that this guy is very much in love with the concept of love and marriage thereafter.

He feels that this is the best thing that can ever happen to a guy or a girl. He believes that without marriage a person is incomplete and in order to bring life to its proper culmination, what one needs to do is to get married.

Indeed, the above is an inspiring ideology for the proponents of the very concept and indeed this guy is a strong believer and follower of the same. So, whenever someone is about to get married, this guy feels good not only for the couples but also for the concept’s fulfillment.

There is another reason apart from what I have just mentioned about this guy. This guy is at such a stage of his life where he would like to have a family and where he is ready to take up the responsibility.

This guy is eagerly waiting to tie the knot and is waiting for the right person, who, he believes would fill his life with happiness and joy. In the true sense of the word, this guy is an ideal husband material.

I am not saying this because I own a matrimonial site or I am planning to have one, but because I truly admire the qualities that this guy possesses, which makes me believe that he would keep his life partner really happy.

Sometime back, I used to be an active participant on the social networking site called Orkut and as some of you might recall, there was this concept of people writing testimonials for those who they feel writing about.

It was then that I came across one of the shortest of testimonials that I have ever read in my life and it went something like this: “may you find the right one soon”.

As a tribute to my friendand a sincere wish that he may soon find his right one, here I take the liberty of drawing the same lines from the once all so famous Orkut:

may you find the right one soon”.

All girls out there, who are looking forward to getting married to the right man of their life, please don’t hesitate to contact me, for in some ways, my fiance and I have very much adopted this guy and have decided to take up the responsibility for this gem of a person. 🙂

Source for Image: http://guidedones.com/importance-of-marriage-in-islam/


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