Yun hi Chala Chal Raahi!

As they say, every good thing comes to an end. But with the end in sight, one can see the prospect of a new and wonderful beginning awaiting to welcome us with open arms.

And so has been my current trip to Haldwani, followed by Delhi and Jaipur. In all senses of the word, it can be called a marriage trip, where I was supposed to attend a couple of marriages and receptions.

It all started in Haldwani, a town not very far from Nainitaal, where I got the chance to witness a Garhwali marriage, a culture totally different to what I have been used to. It was a treat to the eyes to see the beautiful couple hands-in-hands at the time of the photography session that followed soon after the jaimaal ceremony had taken place.

With the memories of Haldwani still in mind, the roads had already taken its course and were headed straight to the capital which we all popularly refer to as dilwaalon ki dilli.

The charm of the city always seems to amaze me whenever I happen to be here. With great friends to give me company coupled with the extremely good cuisine that is on offer in the city, I simply love coming back to the place.

But this time around, Delhi was not a destination but a stopover, as the pink city, Jaipur, was all set to amaze me with its great sculpture and architecture, in whatever time I could afford to take out from the marriage celebrations of a good friend.

Somehow, with every journey that I happen to undertake, comes those experiences and moments, which tend to remain with me forever and ever and living in these moments is what gives me immense pleasure and satisfaction.

With satisfaction comes happiness, which is what we all crave for. It is not only the exotic locations that give us this happiness but also the interactions with different kind of people and different culture that we get to experience makes it really amazing.

Right now, it is 4 a.m. in the morning. My friends here are sitting next to me. One of them is working on his CV and the other, whom we all call karate kid and a real expert on CV making, is helping him out in the same.

In between the same, we are having all sorts of discussions ranging from anything to everything. With me all set to take a train today in the evening from Delhi, I wonder as to when will it be next, when I will get a chance to spend such wonderful time with friends whom I really admire and have great respect.Sholay

Of course I cannot look into the future. Of course, I don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow. But one thing that I do know and am certainly sure about is that with every good thing coming to an end, there are endless new and wonderful things which one can harp upon to move on in life.

After all, life is nothing but a journey, where one keeps moving forward without really looking at what’s left behind and try to make use of the present in the best manner so as to make the future meet our expectations and aims in life.

There is this one song from movie Swades which is coming to my mind as of now:

yuh hi chala chal raahi, yun hi chala chal raahi, kitni haseen hai duniya”

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