Bhaiji Ki Shaadi!

Day before yesterday, around 5 in the evening, there was this one phone call which was all set to change the nature of my weekend which was about to follow.

“Whats up, kush?”—-Prem“Nm yaar, just time pass. “—Me                                                  Ok! then you should come over to Bhaiji’s wedding scheduled to take place tomorrow.”—Prem                                                                                                                    “Cool! Not a bad idea yaar! Let me convince Maa, who has been, of late, quite upset with my ad hoc expeditions 😉  and you are suggesting me to do the same now. So, let me try and see if its possible.”—Me

2 hours down the line, there I was, treading the path towards IIT Kanpur, where the marriage was supposed to take place. It brought back the memories of times when I was about to join the B.Tech programme in the same.

With some good music again to break the silence and a wonderful road lying ahead, I was all too excited to be going to the place of my life which had been so instrumental in making me what I am today.

It took me around 2 hours to reach the campus, where the party was all set to begin with my badminton gang preparing for the same. They had plans and I was eagerly waiting to become a part of the same.gang_cvr


Where there are plans there is daaru, though our ex-baddy coach would have got really very upset at the idea, yet he wouldn’t have mind, at least now. For those who aren’t aware of what goes on in our campus, let me tell you that the favourite pass time of the maximum junta in college is to have a bottle in hand and talk about all the topics in the World which you won’t otherwise and the kind of lingo that goes along, is in true senses, like the icing on a cake.

With some good food from one of my favourite canteens in the IIT campus and some great booze, we all greatfully availed this opportunity of revisiting our college days with open arms.

The room party lasted till around 4 in the morning, after which few amongst the lot decided to take a short nap, where as others including me decided to take a biking tour to Bithur, a place, around 14 kms from the IIT campus and for some hold great religious significance.

It was indeed a beautiful morning to have witnessed the rising sun right in front of our eyes, sitting alongside the banks of the all so famous river Ganga. After having another round of bulla on what not, we thought of tasting the delicacies which our state is famous for all over the World.

Delicious and hot jalebis coupled with garam samosas were what was served in the morning platter and we sat there amidst the woods, munching upon one of my favourite food items in sweets.

After spending a couple of hours in the arms of mother Nature, we headed back to our rooms in the campus. Somehow, if you are on a nite out, you tend to feel tired, but here we were, feeling as fresh as ever. May be, the joy of returning to a place was so overwhelming that we couldn’t help but coming under the influence of the same.

Normally, after returning from a so called hectic tour, one would want to rest and relax in one’s room, but Prem had plans for us. How could he have afforded the ex-baddy team members to have not played a couple of games in the all so wonderfully built new sports complex in the campus, and there we were, taking a shot, literally, once again at the game which we all loved, for sure.

Tired like hell, we decided to throw ourselves on the beds after a 2-hour long sports session. Little did we realize that 3 hours had already passed by, and it was already 5 in the evening, when we got up.

Till this time, we hadn’t even thought about the reason as to why we were there. We were all very delighted to be back amongst the group of our life. To break this wonderful thought was, who else, but Prem once again, who reminded us all of bhaiji’s marriage which was scheduled to take place in a couple of hours from then.

Those who are very found of looking super cool in all these social functions decided to get ready for the same, and for persons like Prem and myself, the campus was calling us once again and was all set to demonstrate the ever-increasing exuberence that it has always tried to maintain since its inception in the 1960s.Masti Official Logo red

We happened to visit all our favourite spots in the campus and managed to meet a couple of juniors all too excited and preparing for the upcoming Inter-IIT Sports meet, scheduled to take place in a couple of days from now, in IIT Roorkee.

Around 7’o clock in the evening, our campus tour was interrupted by a call from those who had by then done all the make-up etc. and were all set to charm the ladies in the baraat.

And we were given the ultimatum of around half an hour to get ready, which was, trust me, more than what we would ever required in our life times.

The baraat was a typical Indian wedding style kinds with a couple of people dancing in front of the car of the dulha and expressing their happiness over their relative all set to get an opportunity to taste the shaadi ka ladoo.

The event for the two amongst the lot lasted till around 2’o clock, when we both decided to take a leave from the campus and from our friend who was about to join the pundit in conducting the series of rasamein without which an Indian wedding remains so incomplete.

With one of the guys all set to catch his flight at 7 in the morning from the Lucknow airport, and me wanting to come back to Lucknow because of some of the things that I needed to take care of, we both decided to head back together to Lucknow at 4’o clock in the morning, from Kanpur.

After dropping my friend at the airport, I had none, but myself to reminisce upon the wonderful time that I had just spent with my gang.

With these wonderful memories, I wrung the bell of my house and my mother opened the door, who was all too happy to see me standing outside. I decided to settle down in the cosy comforts of my room.

As I closed my eyes, I wondered as to whether I will ever get such an opportunity to spend such wonderful time again in my lifetime with my gang.

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