Parents Dilemma!

Every parent wishes the best for his/her child. They want to make sure that their child gets all the things in the World that they desire and wish for. And in turn, try to offer the best they can to their child.

So far so good, but the problem arises when the parent thinks that they know what’s best for their child, because the child might have his own opinions and take on things which can be totally different from what the parent thinks on the same.

When such a situation arises, then the sole aim of making their child happy seems to get lost somewhere in between the arguments that tend to occur amongst the parents and the child.

As a result, the child thinks that the parents are not being very understanding, at the same time don’t care about what they think and want from life. The parents on their part tend to think that their child has gone astray and is not listening to and abiding by the experience that they want to trickle down on to their child from which they believe the child would surely benefit.

The problem takes the form of a frankenstein monster if the two continue to quarrel over what might seem to be a petty matter to a third person. Coupled with the lack of open communication and rigidity on the part of the two parties to the quarrelsome situation, what ensues in the family is stress and tension.parent child

The child might want to run away from such a situation and if he or she is immature enough, he/she might tend to take a step which might prove to be disastrous to him/her as well as to the entire family. In extreme cases, it might result in the child attempting a suicide or even succeeding in such an attempt.

That’s where the parents’ handling of the matter becomes extremely important. The parents, being more mature and supposedly more intelligent, should try to take control of the situation at the same time, should let their child explore the situation in a protective environment that they are very much capable enough of providing.

What this will ensure is that the child will get an opportunity to learn from his/her mistakes at the same time trusting the fact that they have a strong support system in the form of his/her parents who will be there at all times for him/her, no matter what happens.

This tends to give the child immense confidence, at the same time instilling in the child a sense of responsibility, which in turn enables the child to take rational and logical decisions for themselves.

Thus, the parents’ primary role, according to me, is to make the child realize that he/she is very much a mature person capable of making rational decisions in his/her life which is not only good for himself/herself but also good for his/her family.

If the parents are able to do just that, then their dilemma of letting their child take his/her own decisions and taking full control of their life will be resolved and it will in turn lead to a pleasant environment in the family.

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