Ad Hoc Zindagi!

I have always been a very big fan of ad hoc decision making throughout my life. Planning has always looked so boring to me, personally. The kick and the pleasure one gets in an ad-hoc implementation is much more than what you can possibly get via a planned implementation.

Some of my friends tell me that it can’t go on forever and ever, which is true to some extent. But till you are able to do so and till the time you have an apetite to sustain such trips, then why the hell one should be laid back in taking that one step towards something which will remain with you forever and ever.

Some even say that its a sheer waste of time and money. After all what’s there in roaming around alone. What is this kind of fun that is very much incomprehensible to them?

Well! Some things are there to be felt and not talked about or explained. 😉 Either you feel it or you don’t and this is one such thing which needs to be looked at not from the perspective that our brain tends to provide us with but from a perspective that our heart tends to provide. 🙂photo-full

And sometimes it’s not all about losing or winning; it is also not about those materialistic things and pleasures of life that we tend to preserve for centuries without really getting the pleasure out of it and undermining the purpose of preserving the same.

It is also not about getting hitched to what the norm is; what is normally done by the majority; what might be the recommended thing to do; what might be the most sought for thing to do at a certain point of time in life.

It is much more than what I have mentioned above. It is life personified. It is the happiness and the satisfaction you derive from being close to the nature that is more important than anything else in life that you can possibly perceive or think of.

I know that this can’t go on forever and ever and there will be a time when I will also do the normal. But you never know what lies in the future. And who can deny the possibility of me getting lucky with respect to be able to spend sometime such as this in the future ;).

All that I would like to say, as of now, is Three Cheers to Ad-Hoc Zindagi ;).

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