The Power of Positivity!

Last ten days of my life are amongst those few days that I would always want to remember as one of the best. I can go on talking about the same but I would want to talk about what happened immediately after those ten days.

I was on my way back to my hometown in a flight that I happened to catch around 1 in the afternoon, exactly 3 hours after the scheduled departure time, courtesy the prevailing foggy weather in and around New Delhi.

If it wasn’t the previous ten days which I can term an awesome period, I would have got really upset about the delay and would have went on criticizing the management of the airlines and in turn the system that we all happen to be a part of.

It is strange how one good incident or a couple of good days spent prior to an incident, can change the manner in which you think along with your thought process and in turn the ability to handle a situation. How wonderful it would be if a person can maintain such a mindset for over a longer period of time!

This is, by no means, a justification for the wrongs happening in our society. It is just that the coping mechanism of an individual grows in leaps and bounds once he/she starts thinking in a positive manner, once he/she focuses on how to improve things rather than focusing on and bringing out the bad part.positivity

Every day of our life, we are met with various situations which can in all senses of the word, be called challenging to the core. And it is our ability to cope up with the tension that comes as a part and parcel of what’s going on, which, in the end decides whether we will emerge stronger or whether we will succumb to the situation.

I am sure that each one of us want to see themselves in a positive light, we want to be seen as people who could do what the others in the same situation couldn’t, we all want to be seen as successful people in the society. We feel great when someone gives our example to inspire others.

It is this quest of appreciation that makes us do things in the right manner. If it were not for this, why would one want to indulge in certain tasks which tend not to bring pleasure but lot of hardships.

It is this ability of a person to cope up with these hardships, that is well sought for in our society and is very well rewarded at the same time appreciated by the people. And a positive frame of mind goes a long way in enhancing these same abilities and in turn makes a person successful.learn_mark_brennan_cc-by-nc-sa2_flickr_heycoach-1197947341

It is true that many amongst us are not able to understand and recognize the immense power that comes along with a positive mindset. Having said that it is not so difficult as well, that one will not be able to comprehend the same.

What is needed though is to learn from one’s own experiences and use the learning in incidents and circumstances which follow thereafter.

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