Respect the Moments!

There are a couple of days in your life which you will never be able to forget, not that you want to forget. The scenes and imagery associated with these days never seem to decay from your memory and you cherish living those moments again and again.

Whether it be becoming a parent for the first time, or getting married for the first and hopefully the last time 😉 , whether it be emerging successful in an examination or be it your first successful proposal and acceptance of the same.

These are the moments that make our lives so beautiful indeed. These are the very moments which will remain with you forever and ever. These are the moments which you will cherish throughout your life. These are the moments which you would want to relive again. These are the moments which you won’t want to exchange for anything in this world.

There are times when you would just close your eyes and reminisce about the very same moments. A smile seems to appear on your face the instant these moments start to move like a feature film right in front of your closed eyes.

You are able to witness each and every scene and feel each and every emotion that you went through when you had the fortune of making those moments yours. You are truly in a state of trans where the world no longer seems to be a harsh place to live in, where all the problems look really small, where nothing else seems to matter but those moments and the happiness associated with the

It is said that when there will be no one around you to take care of you and provide you with comfort and happiness, then there will be these moments which will remain with you and give you company till the day you perish and so will the moments along with you.

Considering that these moments play such an important role in all our lives, do we end up giving them their due when the occassion beckons or do we end up ignoring the significance of the very same moments?

How ironical it is that the things which seem to have immense significance in our lives, we tend to take the very same things for granted. Be it wishing your parents or close ones on their birthdays or your wife on the anniversary day, we, men, more often than not mess up things with silly reasons such as, “Sorry, I forgot”.

By forgetting such important moments, you indeed tend to feel sorry about the fact that you neglected the same when it mattered the most.

When you are young and happening you don’t seem to give importance to such events in life. It is only when you enter the last part of our journey, you will end up repenting on the things which you could have done better and certainly didn’t require too much of efforts on your part.

My only advice to all those who think that they are acting macho by adopting a cool-dude style of “it doesn’t matter”, think again, for this machoism wouldn’t remain with you forever. What will do remain are these moments.


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