From ‘Rags’ to ‘To be Riches’!

It is not exactly a rags to riches story. Yet, I believe it is one in the making. I am sure we all have heard about people from different and not very affluent backgrounds striking Gold in their life. But have you ever had the pleasure of witnessing and listening to one such feat from the person himself/herself?

Monday night was one such night where I happened to be sitting right in front of a man who is all set to become what I can call a true inspiration for so many out there, in the near future. Without going into the details of who this guy is and what he is up to these days, because that, you all will in any case come to know in a couple of years time, let me take the liberty of introducing him as an individual and as a person.Inspiration

Apart from the achievements that he has managed to adorn himself with, in this short interval of life that he has led, what was inspiring was the manner in which he continues to lead his life. With utter simplicity, he keeps on doing what he used to do, say a couple of years back when he was seemingly no-one.

He says, “Not much has changed for me on a personal front. I am the same person as I used to be. I respect my parents in the same way, irrespective of what they could provide to me in terms of materialistic possessions of life. I care for my brother and sister in the same manner as I used to do earlier.

Only that people now respect me and my family for what I have been able to accomplish which they all call achievement. To me, I feel happy, at the same time, it seems a bit funny as to how the perceptions and opinions of the society including those of the extended family change on seeing someone rising up the ladder, which makes me believe that if you are not up there then the society will make sure to pull you down to the levels which at times the entire humanity would be ashamed of.

I guess, I owe my success to the society as well. If it was not there, then may be I wouldn’t have had the same kind of motivation. If the society had not ridiculed me at every other stage of my life I wouldn’t have been able to do what I could. More than a motivation, it became a necessity. 

Those were real desperate times. My father didn’t use to have enough money even to feed us well, what to talk of sending me away for education. But I was a good student in my school. I knew that if I had to come out of this vicious circle of poverty then I needed to study and work hard. 

Though, I had that motivation, I didn’t have the resources. If it were not for a couple of friends that I had back then, I wouldn’t be what I am today. It is said that God always finds a way to help the needy. Who can vouch for this better than myself! It was indeed a divine intervention which gave a 180 degree turn to my career and my life. 

And today, I am here talking to you about all the stuff that I have been through in my lifetime :). Here I am in a position where I can support my family and fulfill their wishes. Where I can give them all the things that I couldn’t get when I was a kid. Where I can afford to pursue my hobbies and fulfill what I always thought of doing as a child and am all set to go on a cycle tour of India. Would you like to join? ;)”

There I was talking to this enthusiastic and confident lad who’s personality has changed leaps and bounds from the days when he used to sit outside a small hut in a not so affluent village in India.cartoon_boy_25674847_std-222x300 

And by the way, the cycle tour proposition is too enticing an offer to resist. After all, we share the same chulli (curiosity) and which is to travel and explore things that are unknown to us and get a chance to experience life in a way as I have never done before. Wanna join? 😉

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