Are you a rational being?

Do you believe that every story has a happy ending? Of course you would want to believe in the same and would want to see every story ending on a pleasing note, yet there are numerous who are not fortunate enough to see the light of the day.

And when it happens to be of a person you tend to know or is an acquaintance, you might wonder, why of all people such a thing had to happen to the very person? After all, wasn’t he a good guy or a girl? What wrong had he/she done to deserve such a fate?

Was it because of his/her karma that he/she might have done in her previous life, if we were to believe in the mythology that is? Was it because he/she didn’t have any other choice but to indulge in that something which would ruin him/her for all his/her life?

Well, if we were to think about what had happened in a retrospective manner, we would try to link up different events and would try to make sense out of things that earlier seemed to be totally unrelated and insignificant.

But does it change anything? Is it possible to go back in the past and redeem what had just ensued? Can we rectify our mistakes and instead of feeling guilty do we all have the luxury to, say, press a button and change everything that might have gone awry?

Not really, what is gone is gone. Nothing on planet that we, as humans, are aware of, can change it. Then, why on earth, even after knowing the above, do we end up doing things or taking decisions that we might have to regret for, all our lives?

Is it because of the manner in which we tend to take our decisions, or does it require too much effort on part of our brains to think about the consequences of our action? Is there something that tends to camouflage our rational thinking when the situation goes bad and we tend to lose all our control? Sci_Am_Robot_vs_Human_Rationality

Has Freud spoken correctly about our Id, which is nothing but our instincts and inner desires which tend to come out of the trap that had been laid by our own ego, which in turn forces us to ignore the morality and the good that we, as humans, are supposed to do and abide by in our day to day lives.

Possibly, yes. But is there a way out? Can we stop committing all the things that we regret for in the future? And if there is, are we aware of the same and are prepared both physically and emotionally to practice the same?

Can someone provide us with a ready-to-use algorithm which we can apply expecting assured results without worrying about whether we will be able to achieve what we desire?

As far as I am concerned, the solution lies in your inner self. If we were to sit down for a while and explore our inner self we would indeed end up finding a solution which would not only be in our own interest but would also enable us to do good for a lot of people around us.

So, there is no need to run after an algorithm or a person who can provide us with such an algorithm. People, who are referred to as godmen (pretty much self-proclaimed) tend to exploit us for every ignorance of ours.

Have we become so irrational so as to be exploited for our naive nature? Where has all the scientific temper and the logical thought process evaporated when it comes to religion or having beliefs which are surely going to harm us, if not now, then definitely in the near future.

Instead of running after happiness, one needs to find happiness in his or her inner self, for that is the only way out of one’s misery and problems that one happens to be encountering in today’s materialistic world, and trust me, no one in this world will be able to provide you with a ready made solution for all your miseries, expect you yourself.

So the idea is to: Think before you Act and not the other way round.

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