Banka BioLoo! Sanitation Personified!

Long time no see! Ya, the past couple of months have been no less than a roller coaster with destiny taking me to all nooks and corners of the land which we all refer to as India.

From Kolkata to Jamshedpur, from Delhi to Hyderabad, it has been quite a journey meeting new people, hearing different perspectives and opinions, getting to know the World of management consultancy and ending up with a social entrepreneur.

But there is one meeting that I would want to refer to in particular and that’s with Mrs. Namita Banka, MD of Banka BioLoo Private Limited. To put it simply, the lady is energy personified. She cannot sit still. She needs to be on the move and doing her bit. She has big plans and she wants to make it big.banka-bioloo

She can be referred to as the symbol of a modern 21st century lady who believes that things can happen. Her belief makes her do things which in times to come will surely change the way the sanitation industry is going to operate in the coming 2-3 years time.

She has been a pioneer in WaSH sector with big media houses such as CNN and Bloomberg giving recognition to the efforts that the lady has put in. With a plethora of awards to her name, she is all set to change the lives of those in need.

With a co-founder like Mr. Akhilesh Tripathi with immense amount of operational experience and an intellect par excellence, and providing the much needed support to her vision, don’t be surprised if Akhilesh ji and she becomes a household name in say 2-3 years from now.

In my blog, today, I salute the lady and many more who have contributed big time in changing the lives of the deprived lot in our country thereby ensuring that the efforts result in creating an equitable World.

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