We all call him Ankul!

Not many a times would you see uncles in their late forties as agile and as lively as the one we all are witnessing here in this company that I happen to be working for. Without going into the details of who he is, what is most appreciable is his energetic and positive approach towards life, which keeps him going every single day he gets up in the morning.

Many youngsters in our company call him “Ankul” trying to replicate the accent that is prevalent here in Telengana. But he doesn’t give a damn whether you call him uncle or ankul, he lives by his own standards and believes in living life to the fullest.

Not all his habits can be placed in the category of being “good” but surely he has always ensured that the fun quotient never takes a beating. When you are with him, you cannot help but enjoy his company. The jokes he cracks at times can be over the top, yet you feel like laughing and joining in the fun. Like a true punjabi, he believes in munching upon the delicacies of life, be it relishing the non-veg food or be it drinking to the brink.ankul

It is said, that one should always look into or at least try to look into the brighter side of things and should try to take away the goods leaving the bad part. For me, personally, this ankul of ours surely inspires me with his energy, his motivation to keep working, his dedication towards his work, his spirit which keeps him going, his love for his family which is so contagious and his way of expression which can be quite convincing if you first meet him.

I am glad and feel honored to have met a person like him in my life and this post is dedicated to not only him but to all ankuls in this world who live life as if there was no tomorrow.

Source for Image: http://www.comicvine.com/forums/battles-7/spider-man-vs-uncle-ben-724643/


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