The Gift of Life!

Guys, I would like to make a confession today. A couple of months back, when I came to reside in what I call the Biryani city, Hyderabad and all of a sudden, when one of my friends asked me as to when I got married, I was unable to tell him the date.

No matter how much I want to justify this, I cannot do so. So, I won’t even try. That night itself while talking to my wife, I told her about what ensued during the day and she was really bemused by the incident at the same time might have wondered what kind of husband have I got who doesn’t even remember our marriage date.

I know for sure, that little things in life give us more happiness than what you really think they will. I know it’s about living those little yet wonderful moments in your life and building on each one of them to write what you call the story of your life.

I have been lucky enough to have a life partner who understands what kind of story I would want to write, with her besides me. I know, she might not really agree to my conception of life that I have, yet she is giving enough to let me have my own space to live it on my own sweet

Trust me, when you have one aspect of your life so settled, you don’t feel the stress and you don’t have a tendency to fall into the insecurity trap, which most of the guys at my age tend to get into thinking about the uncertainties of the future.

If you are wondering, why the hell I am talking about my personal stuff today, yes you guessed it right, today is my marriage anniversary and this post is not only dedicated to my wonderful wife but to all the beautiful ladies around the globe who believe in living life to the fullest.

If I start talking about the other wonderful ladies, then I would have it from my wife, also from the husbands of other ladies, therefore would focus on talking about just my wife ;).

Now, what do I say about her. The more I see her, the more I fall in love with her. The more I talk to her, the more I feel closer to her. The more I admire what she does for me or my family, the more respect I have for her. The more I think about her professional side, the more I wonder how can a woman manage her professional and personal life so well without any complaints what so ever.

Trust me again that I am not a very easy man to spend one’s life with. I am far far off from what comes under the category of an ideal man that every girl would want to have. Yet, she loves me. Yet she thinks about us before she thinks about herself. Yet she takes care of my parents as if they were her own. Yet she does every possible thing and makes every possible effort in the World to make me happy.

I think I must have done something really good in my previous birth, that I got a life partner as wonderful as hers. She always complaints to me that I don’t give her enough gifts. Today, I want to tell her, that she is the biggest gift of my life and all my gifts are so small as compared to the gift that God has given me in this life of mine.

I wish you a very happy anniversary baby. I love you.

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