The Differentiated!

Have you ever wondered why certain people around you are given more importance and value than you, be it a professional or a personal setup? What’s that quality that makes them stand apart from the rest? Why they are more liked among all? Why they are more listened to? Why whatever they speak make sense to the audience? Why people readily accept their words as coming straight from the Heaven?

Is it because of their personality? Is it because of their attitude towards life in general? Is it because of their positive bent of mind which enables them to look at every problem in a different manner? Is it because of their usefulness to the society? Is it because of the values inculcated in them by them over a period of time?

Probably all of the above, just that what stands out is their ability to differentiate on a positive continuum from the rest, which provides them an edge over the others.MAD

Why do certain startups are able to scale faster than others? Is it because of a sound business strategy and a marketing plan that they have? Is it because of the team they have at their disposal? Is it because of the great idea on the basis of which they have found the startup?

Probably all of the above but what lies at its foundation of all is the ability to differentiate from what already exists. An ability to stand apart and do things differently and probably in a better manner.

I am sure each one of us, at some point or other in our lives have pondered over the possibility of doing something great, doing something out of the world, doing something for which we would be known for, doing something which has not been done before in the same manner, doing something which would change the course of our lives for the better, doing something which would enable us to feel valued by the society.

And if such be the case with you, then the mantra lies in how one can differentiate from the rest to gain that edge which one tends to seek either on a conscious or a sub-conscious level.

So, it’s good to do what you love, but do it in a manner that you are able to generate value both for yourself and for people in and around you.

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