Happy New Year_Inspirations!

Last night I was on a call with a very special friend, who reminded me that I have not had a chance to speak to him for ages. The first message that hit me was, “Long time, no see!

Embarrassing in itself that the message was, I realized that I have not written something for ages as well. I wouldn’t want to excuse myself by stating that I didn’t have time for the same, as that’s the lamest of excuses one can ever give for one doesn’t have time but have to find time.

So, I decided what better way to start a new year by penning down few inspirations from past year starting from the most recent ones as that’s the easiest to recall and perhaps will contribute more towards one’s inspiration:

  1. Saw Baji Rao Mastani recently. Though, many people might have different opinions on how the movie was, what struck me was the amount of hard work that went in and the extraordinary acting skills at display by all the actors concerned. Ranveer’s energy works like magic, Deepika’s delicacy is a treat to watch and Priyanka’s elegance is a must-see, coupled with Tanvi Azmi’s depiction of a strong and fearless woman is by all means a true dedication of what a woman can be. The takeaways if you see are the passion with which one should do whatever one is doing or supposed to be doing and more importantly the women power depicted in the form of Mastani’s love for Baji Rao, Priyanka’s patience and Tanvi’s mental strength. Hats Off!
  2. Bihar’s election: well, without going into the political implications of the same, the one and only positive message that can be drawn is “United we stand, divided we fall!
  3. Virat Kohli’s emergence as a captain: Though many controversies occupied the mindsets of the cricketing fans, yet the thing that inspired was how a young talented cricketer evolved as a mature captain in the test series against both Sri Lanka and South Africa. Yes, the pitch was the highlight of the series against SA, and in a way helped our spinners, what was good to watch was the composure and attitude with which Team India played under Virat Kohli. Gone are the days of M S Dhoni? Debate is still on and will continue to linger till he finally decides to hang his boots.images
  4. Modi taking on the World: Again, mixed opinions, I am sure. What I would take from all the visits he undertook is to see India emerge as a powerful nation, though it might be a perception, yet reality is nothing else but what people perceive. How much this will eventually lead to India benefiting from the trade and Make in India campaign will be visible in times to come, as of now, how it stands, Modi has certainly been able to carve out a rosy picture in front of the world based on the immense potential India and her citizens have. Let us see how it will evolve. The takeaways being self-belief, perseverance and dreaming big.

Though, all the above might draw in different opinions from each one of you, yet I would want to look at the positive side of things and focus on aspects or qualities which we can all possibly make a part of our behavioral self, only to help us achieve our self-made goals and ambitions.

With this, I would want to wish all my friends, family, well wishers and colleagues a very Happy and Prosperous New Year 2016!


Kush 🙂


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