IITian Boyfriends!

I came across a very interesting question on Quora and it gives me immense pleasure getting an opportunity to express my opinions on the same. It’s but natural for me to relate to the quintessential question, “How an IITian boyfriend is different from a non-IITian?

It’s no secret that IITs have a very low girls to boys ratio. In our time it used to be even lesser. All the bollywood flicks including kuch kuch hota hai, DDLJ, which depict colleges in a certain way, we didn’t have the luxury of living the same kind of life.

A gf-bf relationship which comes naturally to the affluent folks was a dream and an aim/aspiration for most of the IITians. More than focusing on our careers, at times IITians make having a gf the aim of their lives.

Though, being incapable of having the much required EQ, IITians might end up going through an emotional turmoil of sorts, yet they emerge more matured and possibly more motivated individuals.

For most of the IITians, the first or second supposed relationships they have, result in heart break which inspires them to become successful as if they have a point to prove.images (4)

Many IITians take a cue from Amitabh’s Bacchan’s dedication to his father, when he says that his father once told him, “mann ka ho to accha, aur mann ka na ho to aur bhi accha“.

Even among IITians, there is a broad segmentation depending on family background, aspiration levels, big city-small city dynamics, co-ed schooling or not etc.

Such factors during our childhood help us become what we are today and contribute in a significant manner to our personalities.

I am sure many gfs might have different experience with different IITian bfs, yet few things that remain common among all and comes as a part of belonging to the breed are:

  1. Successful lifestyle and standard of living
  2. Possibility of having kids who would go on to become successful individuals
  3. Respect for their better halves
  4. Less interference and open mindedness
  5. Cool and make it happen attitude
  6. Focusing on the solutions rather than issues
  7. Dedication and commitment towards relationship
  8. A sense of humour to vouch for
  9. Care for better halves’ family

I can go on listing but would stop as I might become biased. I am sure my wife might have totally different opinion on what I have penned above ;), yet I will stick to what I have said and I know deep down somewhere she might be agreeing with the same 🙂

So, vouching for my fellow IITians, all girls out there, we, as a breed, are very much capable of giving all that you want ranging from emotional support and connect to a good friend, from a luxurious lifestyle to a wonderful family; the only thing we need is a little bit (not much) of love and care, which I am sure you girls are more capable of giving than we guys.

There is a very famous line in bollywood, which says, “come, fall in love!” What I would want to add to it, “come, fall in love with an IITian, and experience and live life to the fullest.” 😉

Source for Image: http://de.roblox.com/users/33767209/profile


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