What If?

It’s not always that you get to spend nearly 8 hours at a station whose name is not even familiar to the most travelled of persons in the World and wondering “ratlam ki galiyon mein main kya kar raha hoon”.

And suddenly when you see a plethora of sparrows chirping over the station, you cannot help but wonder, “Have I seen this bird before? For the breed has become a rare commodity thanks to the mobile towers in urban areas.

By the time you are done with comparing a not so big a town to a city, the sparrows place themselves happily in every nook and corner of the infrastructure built around the rails, few enjoying the scene of passengers running towards their departing train and few adding to the misery of the passengers by doing the most infamous thing and which has become the talk of the country, our very own, “Swacchh Bharat Abhiyan”.th

And then you realize how the so called slowness of a not so big a town tends to engulf you in its aura and you tend to become addicted to the not so fast a life that you have so got used to living.

Can I spend the rest of my life here?” The most audacious of thoughts hit you but before it can take full control over your heart and mind, the evil face of reality stares you in your face, “Are you going crazy? You cannot imagine the lack of amenities that you will be hit by in case you start living here. What to talk of rest of your life, you won’t be able to sustain for even a couple of weeks.

By the time you try to come out of the jinx in which you supposedly seem to have caught yourself in, you realize it’s time to go to yet another destination and yet another unexplored of places waiting to welcome you with open arms at the same time putting you on an altar where you cannot help but imagine, “What if?

Source for Image: http://unclutteredwhitespaces.com/2012/04/what-if/


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