2 Sides of the Coin!

When you succeed, you are often asked, as well you often tend to focus on speaking about what things you did right, what is to be done in order to taste bliss, and more often than not the conversations tend to revolve around you and what you have done to get what you desired.

But there is a totally different take on things for those who don’t so called succeed. For these perceived unfortunate folks, the conversation revolves around what was not to be done, what they did wrong, what could have they done differently, what were the areas where they could improve and somehow they seem to talk about not them but others who did things in a different manner and tasted success.

For the former lot, the conversations seem to be conclusive, whereas for the latter who didn’t succeed, the conversations tend to be progressive and often moving in the right direction.

For the latter, to fail and then succeed is another high altogether which the former might not be able to comprehend having not gone through the same. Having said that the former don’t have any harsh feelings about not being able to fail and they are more than happy that they succeeded ;).


But life, as it comes to us all, there would be times when we would fail, and times when we would succeed in our endeavors. There are bound to be highs and lows in life. The earlier one realizes the same, the earlier one learns to take both success and failure in the same stride.

The earlier one learns to fail and then succeed, the earlier one becomes better equipped on handling different so called stressful situations of our lives. The earlier one learns to fall in the right manner, the earlier one learns to rise faster with same enthusiasm.

That doesn’t mean that you should try to fail whenever the opportunity arises :), but if it were to happen, learn from the same and be prepared for the next challenge of your life.

After all, life is not about success and failure, it is how well you understand the 2 sides of the coin and evolve from there.

Source for the Image: http://www.alternet.org/economy/trillion-dollar-coin-joke-or-game-changer


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