Xtream Couples!

Surely, there must be an X factor in order for a couple to become a couple. Surely, there must be some similarity at least in order for things to click. Surely, there must be some differences which makes it more interesting and increases the possibility of coming together. Surely, there must be some divine intervention which enables the couples to take off.

What if, there is none of the above? What if, if one is North Pole, and the other a South Pole? What if, one likes sweet, the other hates the same? Do opposites really attract? And if it were so, do opposites really attract for long? 😉

Before getting into the dynamics of what happens next, the curious thing to ask is, how does one discover the differences and similarities. Is it after being in a relationship for at least a year or so? Or does it take ages to discover? Or is it at all possible to discover? For in the first meeting, everyone would want to put their best foot forward for obvious reasons.

Assuming, the differences and similarities are figured out in what ever time one needs to do so, what follows is a platter of differently emoted situations, which we all call life. As a kid, life is very focused and limited to going to school, coming back and playing for a while, doing your homework at times and hitting the bed by 9 or so.

But as you grow up, though life remains focused (begins with going to the office, coming back and spending time with your family, which in most cases is your wife as the parents tend to visit you on and off), the flavor of the same changes.

Along with the above, you need to take care of your groceries, your perceived familial needs and wants and on top of all, manage the relationship that you have yourself chosen to get into, though you might term it as the need of the society.

What follows is a mix and match of varied emoticons attributed to each and every aspect of the dynamics that ensues in your home. Going back to the original crux of this article, extremism leads to extreme emoticons (:) 😦 ), thanks to the nature of the poles that one tends to happily sit on.


I believe, if the emoticons were too similar, life would lose its very essence and quality of providing that all important surprise and might lead to boredom, at the same time, if life surprises you very often, some of you might even wish for a redundant lifestyle and vouch for boredom instead.

What ever your wish for, fact remains, with great extremism, comes great possibilities. It’s up to you how you manage those possibilities and turn them into something exciting, something that re-ignites the kid inside you whom you have forgotten because of the monotony,  something that motivates you to get up every morning and feel blessed.

Which side would you chose to be is your prerogative. Though, if I were to chose between monotony and extremism, probably, it will always be the latter ;).

Source for the Image: http://www.shutterstock.com/s/emoticon/search.html


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