Does it really matter?

It’s not that often that I get into philosophy of things, though at times, while you are kayaking in the wonderful waters, after having a couple of beers, you cannot blame me for getting into the same.

Such moments, where you can barely listen to sounds made by any kind of in habitation around leave alone the honking, are really few considering the kind of lifestyles that we all have become so accustomed to living.

And then you tend to remember the last words of the ever so famous, Steve Jobs, or the spiritual thoughts being propagated by the likes of Robin Sharma who in turn took it from the greats such as Rabindra Nath Tagore, all emphasizing upon the eventuality.

At the end of the day, or for that matter, the last hour of our lives, we will have the chance to think about kya khoya, kya paaya (what you gained, what you lost), which will in itself be evident by the fact how many people are beside you when you take that last breath, how many people would actually feel your absence or you not being around, how many souls would actually shed a tear for who you were.


How many lives you would have an impact on in your lifetime, how many souls would be there to bless you for the kindness and wonderful things that you might have done for them, how many people would appreciate and talk about you in good regard, how many folks would remember you for your deeds?

Some would say, does it really matter, for after we are gone, no one knows where we will be, no one cares what we will be doing and whether of all things, we would be thinking of the above.

May be not, but certainly, for those who we will leave behind us, for those who would have interacted with us during our lifetime, for those whose life we would have made a difference to, would certainly remember us for who we were.

After all, it’s about not being too selfish and greedy, instead being giving and spreading the happiness around you. Wonder if each one of us decided to spread the joy, how wonderful a place this planet would become.

Choice is ours, “To be or not to be!

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