Loss of Jobs_Time to Act?

What’s making me write about this is an article that I came across and which spoke about loss of jobs occurring in the market, due to the intervention of various factors, including that from technology.

Though, an ardent admirer, that I have been, it’s scary to think about people not upgrading their skills with the same pace as the technological developments hitting us every day, as a consequence ending up losing their much coveted job.

The consequences of more and more unemployable people roaming on the streets is a grim scenario, leading to rise in crime rates and chaos. What is it that can help prevent our society going down such a path?

Is it the lack of willingness on part of individuals to grow and adapt to the changes or the initiative that needs to be taken at the policy level to ensure that people get skilled according the evolving needs of the job market?


Never thought that I would be talking about the cons of technology that we use each day of our lives and which has enormous pros and which helps us evolve and add value to us as people and society.

The situation looks grim, with programs and initiatives such as Skill India not able to fulfill the promise. With no jobs and with no means of earning a livelihood, the hopelessness that results, I am afraid, might boil into a situation where either we would witness a series of suicides or would become witness to extreme riots and loot.

Now is the time to do something about it? What that something might be is anybody’s guess! What we need to see is action on the ground and not mere brainstorming. 

As a head of a company, be it a start-up or an established one, the aim should be to hire, train and provide a means of livelihood to the unemployed youth in our country.

The only question is, can we let the profit go in the background for a little while and think about the greater good of the society?

Source for Image: https://www.fastcompany.com/1842000/company-chaos-you-dont-know-youre-creating


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