Kundali Recruiter!

If what the 50 lakh pundits and astrologers in our country say was true, just a thought, why not have a Chief Astrologist on board in your company.

Every time a person comes with his/her resume, we would actually send him back to bring his kundali (horoscope) and then forward the same to our chief astrologist, who would then, based on his judgement/reading would decide whether the person would be a great fit for the role that we are hiring for.


And going forward, if the person doesn’t perform according to what was predicted, it was because our chief astrologist would have made mistake while making some calculation and instead of penalizing the guy, we would actually penalize the astrologer by, let’s say, not giving him incentives.

How easy and focused the performance appraisal would become!

Even better, if we wanted someone who wouldn’t commit the human errors, we would actually build a machine which would think like an astrologer and predict the entire scheme of things.

Don’t know how feasible this is, but what if?

Source for the Image: http://www.ganeshaspeaks.com/article/horoscope.action


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