Game of Chairs!

If you had heard of Game f Thrones before, I wouldn’t be surprised. But have you ever heard of the game of chairs? 😉

Well, may be not, but am sure you do witness the same every now and then, be it the political scenario in our country, or in a professional setting where, thanks to the cut throat competition, you might see your nearest neighbor trying to out do you for the much coveted boss chamber and chair.

Quite literally in an office space, where there are limited chairs, chair becomes the most valued possession in the office. It is like playing the dancing chairs, where the moment you get up to leave your chair, there is someone sitting diagonally opposite, who has been eyeing your chair for a while, might sneek in to get what he considered his biggest wish, since he had joined the office.


And if your chair happened to be the non-cranky most beautiful looking chair in your office by any imagination, trust me, there would be many takers for the same. 😉

You might not encounter such a scenario and the fun that goes along with it in, let’s say in a normal office set-up, but if you happen to be sharing the same space with other companies, thanks to the start-up ecosystem, then it becomes pretty much an integral part of your life.

Looking at the positive side of things, you get to sit on different chairs at different point of time and get to experience the opportunity of using the assets associated with the space, not everywhere there would be enough flexibility and not everywhere would you be privileged enough to do so.

Should you consider yourself fortunate enough? Well, going by the kind of thought process I have, it’s all about having fun, no matter where you are, be it a professional setting or a personal one.

After all, it’s not often that life provides you that all important opportunity to have fun. And when and if at all, you get one, why not make the most of it! 😉

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