जी लो, मरना तो है ही !

It’s not often that you tend to meet a baba of sorts, who discusses things, which might seem logical to your little self that you are and one such conversation is what I would want to share with you:

Baba—“you should do what you love doing”

Me—“but baba, it’s not so easy. What you love doing don’t bring you the same materialistic assets, the thing you end up doing is what makes you rich and successful.”

Baba—“what you are calling success, is it really success? the thing that you are calling rich, are you really rich?”

Me—“at least the world perceives so.”

Baba—-“why else do you think people are so dissatisfied with the kind of lives they are living.”


Baba—“why do you think people take small things so seriously and get upset because of the same, why people have lost the knack of laughing at themselves!”

Me—“may be because they are too engrossed in what they are doing!”

Baba—“why do you think there is so much gap in what people do and what people want to do?”

Me—“the pay offs?”

Baba—“may be, but more than that, it’s the ability to take risk and chasing one’s mission which is much bigger than the wealth that comes along with the same”

Me—“but many wouldn’t know what is their mission in life”

Baba–“might be, but one thing they would know for sure is what they like dong and what they don’t, after all jee lo marna to hai hi.”


And then baba left traversing the path that he was supposed to, leaving me wondering about what he had said in the end.

After all, if A was the set of things you were doing and B the set what you want to do, then A intersection B, one should try to make as big as possible, is what I could comprehend from what the baba said.

Might be wrong or right, if such a thing actually exist, but one thing we all can and, in my opinion should do, is to give it a thought and figure out what that A intersection B could mean for each one of us.

Source for the Image: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Venn_diagram


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