Much Much!

Too much!

is what you get to hear more often than not, from the employees or your colleagues,

when you ask them how much work they have in the day.

Most have a tendency of making sounds, “uff, fooh” and so on every now and then,

As if they are having the most torment times of their lives 😉

Either coming from the lack of work ethics that they have been conditioned to,


Simply because of the time pass mentality, that one has got into a habit of doing something for no other reason but to spend sometime somewhere,

Takes a no brainer to understand, that there is something not right,

May be as a company culture we are not hitting the right chords,

The next obvious is to ask,

what that might be,

from where are such tendencies evolving,


how can it be resolved?


First thing first, you go back to the drawing board from where it all started.

You soon realize that the very process of hiring has to have those in-built ingredients.

At a practical level, no matter how good the HR or psychological counselor you hire,

There would be certain aspects which will only evolve with time,

No matter how much a candidate convinces you that he/she is motivated enough,

It will soon get reflected in the work ethics on demo in due course of time,

Always a good thing to keep oneself open and flexible as a leader to accepting, realizing and acting upon new aspects of this dynamics,

The biggest and key challenge for a leader is to make sure that each one in his/her team is constantly excited about the vision,

Creating enough tasks to keep reinforcing the thought regarding the fruition of the vision,

Giving clear cut responsibilities to each and everyone,

Making sure that the most irresponsible in the team is given responsibility for them to mature and get mentored in the scheme of things,

It’s easy to let go and very tough to make something work,

Which requires constant endeavor, immense amount of patience and a grit and determination that goes beyond every other thing that matters to a leader,

To handle that much much that ensues in this beautiful journey of achieving one’s vision in life 🙂

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Work Ethics

Possibly the most discussed aspect in any sector or office,

A concept which has given sleepless nights to the senior leadership team and in turn HR.

Let us delve into a certain perspective which the term has to offer to the world.

Going by the definitions:

Work, simply put, is the effort one takes to accomplish a task,

Ethics, on the other hand, is the principles that may guide an individual’s actions.

Two combined, it has a powerful connotation where one is evaluated on the basis of the:

core values that one has


the commitment that one is ready to put to achieve a certain goal, which is

Created by an entity, which in an ideal situation, one should have bought in before joining a certain company.

More often than not, people have their own compulsions or reasons for taking up a certain role,

Be it at a personal level, where one feels compelled to do certain things for their and their family’s survival,

Be it the act of exploration where one is not sure what one needs to do or is capable of doing,

Be it the time pass they would want to do, simply because they prefer not to sit at home,


Be it the interest and motivation to work in a certain field, one has;


Whatever that all important reason be for an individual for accepting the offer letter,

Bottom line: Once one commits, one should meet that commitment. 

In today’s world, words have become just a loose way of expressing things,

Yesterday, one could say something and today one may come up with a totally opposite version of the same,

Such loose conversations and commitments has somewhat become a way of life for:

millennials  in general


GenZ s in particular,

Reflective of the kind of value system and lack of trust that persists in our society,

Be it the reinforcement from parents,


Be it the reinforcement from teachers, peers and the schools,

The end product, in the form of grown-ups seem to be a cohort which is:

Insecure, about their own competence, finding excuses,

Imbalanced, when it comes to handling personal and professional situations,


Reactive, at times because of being born with a golden spoon,

Having said the above, all is not lost. The challenge for us as a society being:

How we channel the enthusiasm and energy in a direction which ultimately leads to satisfaction at a personal and professional front!

Which requires a systemic change.

The only question is:

Are we all willing to do so as a society for everyone’s well being?

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व्यवहार, ज़िन्दगी का आधार

It’s said:

No matter how big you grow into,

No matter how wise you consider yourself,

No matter, how careful you are with maintaining public perception,

No matter, how hard you work on your personality,

The way you interact and behave with different stakeholders in your life, determines the real character of the individual,

Be it your wife whom you get to say good morning to each day of your life,

Be it your parents or siblings whom you get to talk to once in a while in this modern world,

Be it the driver who drops you to your office on each working day,

Be it the security guard, who tends to secure your life more than anyone else,

Be it the house maid, who makes your house functional each day,

Be it the office boy, who makes your stint in office comfortable,

Be it the colleagues and boss who tend to make you feel important,

Be it the grocery guy who tend to bring to your doorsteps the fruits of hard work of the farmers in our country,


Be it any random guy that you come across in this beautiful journey of life,


At every point in your life, you get to interact with innumerable people,

on whom: you may or may not consider yourself dependent on;

What qualifies as maturity, is being able to make that all important interaction:





Treating it as the very last interaction that you will ever get to do in your lifetime.

Not realizing that one day, it will all come to an end,

Be it your ego/persona, 

Be it the luxury cars that you get to sit in or drive,

Be it the assets that you own or aspire to own,

All will vanish in thin air or ether as they refer it to as in Vedic texts.

How soon you realize this and work on that all important interaction is your choice!

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जैसे किसी भी इमारत की नीव बहुत ज़रूरी होती है,

उसी तरह ज़िन्दगी की नीव का सही प्रकार से निर्माण करना अत्यंक आवश्यक है.

चाहे वो सड़क पे हो रहा ट्रैफिक जाम हो,


किसी रिश्ते में पड़ रही दरार,

चाहे वो अपना मानसिक संतुलन खोना हो,


किसी पे बेवजह बरस जाना,

चाहे नाम और पैसे कमाने के चक्कर में ज़िन्दगी जीना भूल जाना हो,


किसी गलत रास्ते पे निकल जाना,

चाहे खुद को खुदाह से बड़ा मानना हो,


किसी और इंसान की इज़्ज़त ना कर पाना,

baby Neev

और ये सब ना होता अगर नीव सही तरीके से रक्खी जाती,


ड्राइविंग लाइसेंस बनाते समें किसी ने सही प्रकार से टेस्ट किया होता,


रिश्ते की अहमियत को हम समझते और एक दूसरे के प्रति सम्मान रखते,


किसी पे बरसने से पहले एक क्षण के लिए हम ये सोचते कि हर इंसान उस परम उत्पत्ति का ही अंश है,


ज़िन्दगी के हर उस पल के अहसास को हमें महसूस कर पाने की क्षमता होती.

इसलिए ज़रूरी ये है कि हम कैसे ये नीव रखते है : उसपे विचार करें,

ना कि उस नीव के ढंग से ना रक्खे जा पाने से उत्पन होने वाले परिणामो पर.

ये तभी तक उपयोगदायक है जब तक ये हमको उन परिस्थितियों से अवगत कराने का काम करते हैं,

ना कि उनके उपाए या उसके पीछे मौलिक कारणो पे.

इसलिए, ज़रूरी ये है कि इन विचारों के नीव पे हम ध्यान दें


इस ज़िन्दगी के सही मायनो को समझे.

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