Delta Space!

Don’t know why, but this morning, got reminded of the line that has become quite famous, courtesy Anu Malik, the Bollywood music director,

आग लगा दूंगा!

Somehow, this line has become synonymous with the presence of the very being.

On similar lines, when actor and music director, Himesh Reshamiya says,

मुझे तुम्हारे घर में रोटी चाहिए!


It somehow translates to developing a connect between the one who gets to hear with the person who uttered the same in the first place.

Pretty interesting, how our brain interprets things and tends to store things in our memories, which essentially forms the basis of how brands work.

Brands are on a constant lookout on how one can get a piece of the mind share of their target audience.

They keep coming up with all kinds of innovations,

Be it in the copy (written part)


Design of the communication they plan to send across to the world.

As with every other thing in this world, few work and few don’t.

No matter, how much analysis one does over the success or failure of the same,

It’s that black-box which in spite of innumerable theories and hypothesis, have never been figured out to the core.

Supposedly, no concrete formula exists.

With changing times, different things seem to find a resonance with the audience.

It’s that game of dice, where one throws the dice, based on the intellect and creativity one has, limited yet inflated in time.

Be present where your audience is!” as a generic rule seems to resonate with the who’s who of branding.

Catch their attention to get them thinking!” follows the omnipresence.

Calling them to act!” being the ultimate.

In this frenzy of finding what will work, 

How one is able to develop that all important emotional connect with the audience,


Whether one’s brand is able to find that all important delta space in a consumer’s mind.

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