The Talking Horse!

Let’s hear it straight from the horse’s mouth, they say, 


The lore would start with something like, “once upon a time…blah blah blah”

How about just listening to what the horse has to offer with regards to the learnings of the societal jungle it happened to reside in: 

“You know, of course you don’t know what am about to say, 

Might be aware of the content of it all, 


Choose not to practice accordingly, 

But I, me and myself know a man who did it throughout his life,

Wondering who he was? 

Not batman

Not Spiderman


An ordinary man who chose to be a student all his life,

One who listened to the wisdom that every other person offered in the act of interacting or communicating with him,

One who realised how less he knew of the very world he lived in, 

One who was humble enough to admit that there was so much to know and learn from others, 


One who would spend hours with people hoping that one day he would know at least something about this wonderful creation, 

Wondering whether it was a sheer waste of time? 


Feel like labelling him as total failure? 

Well, let me tell you what he earned at the end of so many days in his life: 

Respect for the perceived kind-heart he had,

Adulation for the perceived helpful nature of his, 

Opportunities, as everyone wanted to keep him close for his virtues, 


Knowledge and learnings he took along this journey of life. 

Not to mention, lots of wealth, using which he bought me once upon a time. 

Not only was he my master, but truly the master of all hearts and minds around him.

Moral of the story they ask all the time: do I even need to mention, I wonder!

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