Medicine Sapiens!

Somehow the moment we get some pain or feel awry,

The first thing that comes to mind is,

Whether there is any medicine which can relieve us of our discomfort,


In the quest of the same,

We venture out to a pharmacy nearby,

Taking any and every OTC drug that we can procure,


We do end up consuming a dose or two,

Leaving the other medicines to their fate,

Till they start nearing their expiry date,

When we start to wonder what to do with the same,

More often than not,

We end up throwing it in bins,

Which in turn has harmful effects on the environment,

What if there was a way out where in these medicines could be utilized,

What if csr departments of companies like 1mg, Pharmeasy, Apollo could procure and distribute the same among the needy,

Would end up helping someone in need,


Would reduce the effect it might be having on our environment.

Food for thought!

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