For those who happen to live in apartments,

Many a times,

Whom you find as company in an elevator,

Is the owner along with their dogs,

Today, I happened to be in company with not one but two of these,

One Nimbus and the other named Coco,

Now Nimbus was excited to be in the same elevator as Coco,

Much to the discomfort of fellow travellers who happened not to be dog lovers,

Of course, not for owners and the other dog lovers,

For Nimbus’ love for Coco at first sight,

Made him jump around in the not so big an elevator,

Owners, a girl and the other a boy,

Smiling at the sight of their dogs’ budding love,

Seemed to be falling for each other as well,

Can bet they would have shared their numbers before getting out,

If not for themselves,

Surely for Nimbus and Coco,

Can understand that our world is full of different creatures,

Who believe in the act of peaceful coexistence,

And surely the love for few of them is much appreciated,


Untrained dogs and over excited owners may cause discomfort for the creatures whom we refer to as Homo Sapiens,


Why be partial to just spreading the concept of peaceful coexistence to dogs,

Why not become more inclusive to our own species, the other Sapiens!

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