Characters: BM

What if,

running away from realities of life becomes a habit?

You might start to act isolated,


You might end up becoming that guy,

Who comes across as an outright extrovert,

Living one’s life on the go,

Not caring about other’s emotions,

Not wanting to indulge in any serious relationship for the fear of getting hurt,


Moving all over the place,

for you are not able to find peace anywhere,

no matter where you end up going.

For the world,

you come across as a fun character,

who is full of energy,

who tends to become the centre of attention of all parties and get togethers,


in your heart and mind, you end up being lonely to the core,

wishing that a day would come when you would finally be able to rest in peace,

if not literally,

at least in someone’s arms.

Such is the core of what BM, Brownian motion, one of the protagonist of my upcoming novel, consists of.

More to follow soon!

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Writing a book is a Herculean exercise in itself for most,

Leave alone the task of making it public thereafter.

The struggle begins right after penning it down,

For the author,

It might be a masterpiece,

But for the publishers,

The story may be entirely contrary to the author’s perception,

After much back and forth,

The conversation comes to a close,

for the book to see the light of the day.

Wondering, whether the buck would stop at this place,

Marketing and advertising activities follow suit,


The commotion around the book being sold or not ensues,

Ultimately deciding the fate of the book.

Wondering why I might be describing this saga as my 1st post this new year,


My 5th will be out and this time around,

It’s going to be different ;),

Updates to follow soon after!

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