The P Company Snippets: Commitments and more Commitments

There are some,

Who value what they say,


Then there are some,

Who don’t really care what they say,

Have no commitments of sorts,

be it in their professional or personal setups,


we see Chakra and Sutradhaar,

Struggling between what their hearts tells them to do,


what their commitment towards their respective job roles is,

Wanting to startup,

they keep hanging around in the agency space.

Would they be able to meet their commitment towards the agency?


Would they listen to what their heart says?

Yet to be seen!

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The P Company Snippets: Separation

One thing that’s probably dreaded most by human beings is,

To get separated from their loved ones,


When it happens to be someone you are trying to woo,

It can lead to one getting panic attacks,

Such happens to be situation of our protagonists, Hasti and SK,


On hearing the news that Kitty and Chand would be sent away for some on ground work,

Nearly went into a depression mode.

Only saviours being Chakra and Sutradhaar,

Who were more than happy to lend their shoulders,

On which the likes of Hasti and SK could cry.

Will it lead to heart breaks?


Will their respective destinies will become a tad bit kinder to them?

Yet to be seen!

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The P Company Snippets: Decoding

More often than not,

What you see of a person is just the surface,

What lies beneath is that part of an iceberg,

Which is not visible,

Why Hasti and SK behave in the way they do,


Why Kitty and Chand are driven by certain aspirations,

To understand this,

One needs to get a 360 degree perspective and view of that iceberg lying beneath,

As the saga unfolds,

One gets to witness the reasons behind the very nature of these individuals.

Will the big reveal lead to them closer to their dreams?


Will it make them move into their respective shells, just a tad bit more?

Yet to be seen!

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The P Company Snippets: Falling for the Sharks


Shows like Shark Tank,


the associated glamour which tags along,

Every Tom, Dick and Harry aspires to startup on his own,

Not realising that it might actually be better to do a job than run a business oneself,

Not because of the capability per se,

But just because the attitude might not match with the gruesome requirements,

After all, what’s unknown, tends to attract much more than what’s known,

A nexus of sorts,

The startup world entertains only those who have managed to find a foot in the door,

With assumptions galore,

Chakra and Sutradhaar aspire to start up,

The only thing making them wait, before they jump in right away,

Their commitment towards the agency.

Whether a time would come when they would be able to take that leap, yet to be seen!

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