The P Company Snippets: Falling for the Sharks


Shows like Shark Tank,


the associated glamour which tags along,

Every Tom, Dick and Harry aspires to startup on his own,

Not realising that it might actually be better to do a job than run a business oneself,

Not because of the capability per se,

But just because the attitude might not match with the gruesome requirements,

After all, what’s unknown, tends to attract much more than what’s known,

A nexus of sorts,

The startup world entertains only those who have managed to find a foot in the door,

With assumptions galore,

Chakra and Sutradhaar aspire to start up,

The only thing making them wait, before they jump in right away,

Their commitment towards the agency.

Whether a time would come when they would be able to take that leap, yet to be seen!

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