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Stand up!

There are few who tend to inspire the entire world around them,

These few bring with them a certain kind of positive energy,

which completely changes the complexion of the ambience around them,


They can be found in every nook and corner of our country,

One whom I found is a gentleman in his late 50s,

Hails from God’s own country in India,

Is super enthusiastic,

in every stride that he takes,

in every conversation that he makes,

in every shot in badminton that he plays,


to top it all,

has a sensational comic timing,

which can give a run to pretty much all the young comics,

But there is a hitch in him,

to stand up,

to go out there and be expressive,

to let himself free,

from the judgments and perceptions of the world around him,

Will he able to get out of his comfort zone?

He should for it’s worth a shot,

What do you think?

Source for the Image: https://amtshows.com/classic-comedians/

Over and Out!

They say,

In a game of cricket,

It’s never over until its over,

You need to be focused till the very last ball,


Till you take the winning run,

In life too,

No matter how many times you haven’t succeeded,


No matter on how many occasions you have felt down and out,

The game of life isn’t over until it’s over,

For everything you have done,

Does add up,

Every effort that you have made,

Stays with you in some form or the other,


Believe it or not,

It does bear fruits when the time comes!

Source for the Image: https://www.indiatvnews.com/entertainment/celebrities-amitabh-bachchan-rishi-kapoor-starrer-102-not-out-to-release-in-russia-439058

The Chemistry Boy!

Did you hear the recent news of this Chemistry boy who committed suicide?


Don’t tell me,

For there are hundreds and thousands waiting in the cue,

Oh, you didn’t know that?

Surprising enough,

For they exist in every nook and corner of our classrooms,


Who are made to sit in every possible class they don’t enjoy,

Who are ridiculed for every answer they are not able to provide to their teachers,

Who is made to feel humiliated just because a kid sitting next to them has read that encyclopedia and let’s say has better memory,


Why would we even be concerned about this?

Isn’t every kid suppose to top that academic exam?

No matter

Whether they like studying or not!

Whether they have other interests in life!

Whether they would be much better off doing something else rather than mugging up a friend’s notes!

Are we as a society open enough to understand this?

That kids are not rats after all,


Hence there is no rat race here,

Can we let them be just kids?

Who are meant to spread joy through their vibrant persona,

Who are meant to fill our lives with laughter and enthusiasm,

Who are meant to be supported at every point in their lives,

As a generation,

If we let that chemistry hating boy to commit suicide every now and then,

We are indeed a waste of life,

The only question being,

Do we want to be one?

Source for the Image: https://www.twenty20.com/photos/f964b230-3021-4924-9fb3-59985ca1feda


I don’t know how many of you would have experienced this,

There is this perennial chull (uneasiness)

which seems to have existed ever since,

A desire to do something,


A craving to go beyond our current state of being,

How many times I wonder,

I have been able to sit at ease?

Not thinking about issues in life,

Not contemplating what’s to be done,

Not worrying about so called problems,


Just be in the moment,

For if we were able to cultivate the art of being in the moment,

I wonder

The very experience of life would indeed be drastically different!

The only thing being,

Whether we are willing to practice

and develop the art and discipline to

being in the moment, for that is what it is!

Source for the image: https://www.facebook.com/chullgurgaon/

10M Fetish!

10M fetish

It all began with the emergence of markets,

where we would go daily or every alternate day to get what we needed in life,

Someone smart enough thought why not make it more convenient and get stuff delivered at home,

Someone smarter came and thought about a one day delivery would be super cool…

Came down to the likes of pizza hut, dominos, and now pickily who would get that same stuff delivered in 30 mins…

And then came the genius, Zepto, with a 10 min proposition,

10 mins, crazy, right!

You know what’s crazier,

The delivery boy driving for his life to deliver that thing in 10 mins,

Manoeuvring on the broken roads,

Avoiding craters on the road,

Endangering not only their lives but of the people driving alongside them,


If he were not able to deliver on time,

He would get shouted at by the customer to begin with,


Would be penalised for not having performed his duty on time by the company,


Can’t we let go of our 10 mins fetish and start acting in a bit more sensible manner?

Can we stop treating this as a differentiator among startups?

Choice is ours,

Make a wise one, before it gets too late!

Source for the image: https://kalingatv.com/state/food-delivery-boy-in-bhubaneswar-tests-positive-for-covid19/

Believe it or not!

What do you do when you meet friends?


Get involved in some fun activities,

Discuss cardinal issues of life 🙂

And at times,

You tend to delve into discussing



Belief systems

Realizing that we all come from

Different backgrounds,

have had different kinds of upbringing,


might have experienced life in different ways altogether,

which in turn

shapes our thoughts,


openness towards treating things contrary to our biases,


willingness to go beyond our bubble,

Believe it or not,

It’s extremely difficult for each one of us to do so,

Be it

accepting different point of views,

trying new things out,


make an attempt to re-shape our opinions,

easier being

to remain in our respective comfort zones,


we tend to block anything and everything

which seems contradictory to the same,

But does it help us in any manner?

Does it make our lives better in some sense?

Does it make us human beings after all?


Believe it or not,

Experiencing things for oneself and deciding

whether it’s worth it to be incorporated as part of self

might be a way out.

Choice is of course ours at the end of the day!

Source for the Image: http://sujaypaul.com/power-of-positivity-strong-belief/


For those who happen to live in apartments,

Many a times,

Whom you find as company in an elevator,

Is the owner along with their dogs,

Today, I happened to be in company with not one but two of these,

One Nimbus and the other named Coco,

Now Nimbus was excited to be in the same elevator as Coco,

Much to the discomfort of fellow travellers who happened not to be dog lovers,

Of course, not for owners and the other dog lovers,

For Nimbus’ love for Coco at first sight,

Made him jump around in the not so big an elevator,

Owners, a girl and the other a boy,

Smiling at the sight of their dogs’ budding love,

Seemed to be falling for each other as well,

Can bet they would have shared their numbers before getting out,

If not for themselves,

Surely for Nimbus and Coco,

Can understand that our world is full of different creatures,

Who believe in the act of peaceful coexistence,

And surely the love for few of them is much appreciated,


Untrained dogs and over excited owners may cause discomfort for the creatures whom we refer to as Homo Sapiens,


Why be partial to just spreading the concept of peaceful coexistence to dogs,

Why not become more inclusive to our own species, the other Sapiens!

Source for the Image: https://unsplash.com/s/photos/doggies

Medicine Sapiens!

Somehow the moment we get some pain or feel awry,

The first thing that comes to mind is,

Whether there is any medicine which can relieve us of our discomfort,


In the quest of the same,

We venture out to a pharmacy nearby,

Taking any and every OTC drug that we can procure,


We do end up consuming a dose or two,

Leaving the other medicines to their fate,

Till they start nearing their expiry date,

When we start to wonder what to do with the same,

More often than not,

We end up throwing it in bins,

Which in turn has harmful effects on the environment,

What if there was a way out where in these medicines could be utilized,

What if csr departments of companies like 1mg, Pharmeasy, Apollo could procure and distribute the same among the needy,

Would end up helping someone in need,


Would reduce the effect it might be having on our environment.

Food for thought!

Source for the Image: https://www.newscientist.com/definition/medicine/

Politics, is it?

Few lines dedicated to,

How in this covid era,

The vote politics continues to play the only game it knows best,

पॉलिटिक्स है भइया,
करनी तो पड़ेगी ही,

अब चाहे भीड़ लगे या मेला,
चाहे जल जाये सारा तबेला,

कोविड हो या ओमीक्रॉन,
हम तो बजायेंगे अपना हॉर्न,

मास्क या नो मास्क,
हम तो हैं उनके ख़ास,

कोई रोक ना कोई टोक,
दिल में हैं सबके केवल वोट,

चिंता मत करना,
कुछ ना होना,

कभी कुछ हुआ था क्या,
जो अब होगा,

तभी भी वैसा था,
अभी भी ऐसा ही होगा,

ये तो हमारा खेल है,
ना खेला तो क्या खेला,

बैठे बैठे ही,
बन जायेगा एक मेला,

सुनो उनकी कुछ,
खुद कुछ ना कहना,

कोविड है भइया,
किस बात का है रोना,

जान पहचान से ही तो,
हमारा सारा काम होना,

तुम हमको देखो,
हम तुम्हे देख लेंगे,

पॉलिटिक्स है भइया,
हम इसे भी खेल देंगे.

Source for the Image: https://bpac.in/what-defines-good-political-leadership/


There was a time when movies like Darr, Anjaam and Baazigar saw Shahrukh Khan in a negative role,

Desperately seeking love from a particular girl,

Going to extreme extents,

Resorting to hideous ways,


Guess what,

It used to be a rage among youngsters,

Many getting influenced,

Few even adopting behaviors and ways of the man who would do anything to get his girl,

Possibly resulting in increased delinquency,

Movies have always had a big influence in many a lives,

Both in our conscience and subconscious,


In the minds of the kids who happen to get exposed to such,

Aashiqui, as it is, is not such a bad thing,

If both the parties involved share the same emotions,

Though one needs to learn when to back off,

In case either party involved has different priorities,


With increased influence of social media, movies and video games,

There is a dire need to make the foundations of this society even stronger,

To enable one to do aashiqui in the right manner!

Source for the Image: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aashiqui_2