There was a time when movies like Darr, Anjaam and Baazigar saw Shahrukh Khan in a negative role,

Desperately seeking love from a particular girl,

Going to extreme extents,

Resorting to hideous ways,


Guess what,

It used to be a rage among youngsters,

Many getting influenced,

Few even adopting behaviors and ways of the man who would do anything to get his girl,

Possibly resulting in increased delinquency,

Movies have always had a big influence in many a lives,

Both in our conscience and subconscious,


In the minds of the kids who happen to get exposed to such,

Aashiqui, as it is, is not such a bad thing,

If both the parties involved share the same emotions,

Though one needs to learn when to back off,

In case either party involved has different priorities,


With increased influence of social media, movies and video games,

There is a dire need to make the foundations of this society even stronger,

To enable one to do aashiqui in the right manner!

Source for the Image: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aashiqui_2


The Upcoming Star!

It’s not very often that you get a chance to share the same platform with an upcoming star from Bollywood and when you do, you try to cherish it and keep it as a memory in times to come.

And so did I, when I happened to meet the likes of Kriti Sanon, a batch mate of a very dear friend of mine from DPS, R K Puram. It took a while for people to realize who she was with few talking of her as the heroine who was cast along with Tiger Shroff in Heropanti. IMG_2513

I must admit that she looks prettier from a hand’s distance than what she does in movies ;). Though, I wouldn’t want to focus on that part. What I would want to speak about is the hard work and dedication that goes behind achieving the same.

Modelling, from where Kriti started her career, is no mean feat to achieve. It involves hours of hard work and immense motivation to get through the tough times you ought to face when you enter such a competitive field as Modelling.

Again to have the courage to take the leap of faith from Modelling to movies is another feather in the cap that Kriti Sanon has been able to achieve to a great extent. Though there is a long way to go before she could achieve success similar to what let’s say Deepika Padukone has achieved, yet she has all the things going for her when it comes to taking the right steps to stardom.

I would like to wish her all the success and happiness in the world, and would see her at the movies ;).


After a long time, I have had the pleasure of watching one of the most meaningful of movies I have ever seen. With such a versatile actor as Paresh Rawal to adorn the star cast, the movie is in all senses a must watch.

What amazes me the most is the manner in which  a mystical concept such as God is presented and catered to in such a rational and logical manner. It is indeed a blow to the many gurus and sadhus who claim to be representatives of the Almighty on Planet Earth.

The sheer grit and simplicity of the protagonist is depicted in a very non-partisan and in an unusual way at the same time upholding the integrity of middle class values and essence of life.

All in all, I would recommend all of you, if you haven’t watched the movie till date, to go and watch it, for there is something for each and every one of us to learn and admire from the movie.

Source for Image: http://searchandhra.com/hindi-movies/omg-oh-my-god-hindi-movie

I wanna become Miss India

Its not often that you see youngsters involved in outdoor sports these days, thanks to the emergence of the phenomenon we all call video and computer games. So, when I do see them doing the same, I am reminded of my own days.

And today was one such day. A group of 4 including 2 young guys and 2 girls, into their teens, were playing a mixed doubles Badminton match in my neighbourhood. The kind of quality and skills they demonstrated made me stand there to watch the match until it was over.

After the match, one of the girls approached me: “Bhaiya, I saw your column in the newspaper and I really like it, the advice that you give to students like us regarding their career. I wanted to ask you something.”

Thanks, haan poocho.”–Me

Bhaiya, do you think a girl like me can become Miss India?”–Girls

To be frank, I have answered questions regarding all the career options that one can think of, but I have never been asked this before. Considering what I know about the contest and the kind of skillset plus the personality traits that are required for the same, that I am aware of, plus my perception of the girl’s personality and since, I am a strong advocate of doing things of one’s liking (in case a person was really interested in doing the same), I answered:

Why not? You can become Miss India if you really want to and if you work hard at it, giving your 100% to things that are required for one to hold the title, which of course you will have to research upon.”

Having said the above, I just wondered and was in fact curious about why she wanted to become Miss India and in order to feed my curiosity I thought of asking the same to her.

“Well, I think I have got all that it takes to become Miss India. And moreover, I will become famous and rich, at the same time, I will get a chance to act in the Bollywood, which I so want to do :). “–Girl

The answer was quite straight to the point. I gave her a smile and decided to move on with my journey to meeting a friend.

While I was driving, I realized how times have changed. It was not long back, when kids in my neighbourhood would not think beyond the conventional career options as the others were considered too risky to even have a go at.

And today, there seems to be no boundations what so ever, when it comes to chosing a career, especially in bigger cities and the metropolitans.

Credit for this must also go to parents who have become more liberal and are accepting, at the same time giving encouragement to the wants and wishes of their children.

As I was about to reach my friend’s place, I wondered:

What would my newly born American niece want to become,say, 15 years down the line? 🙂 ”

Source for Image: http://yellowpages.sulekha.com/jaipur/miss-india-exports-m-i-road-jaipur_contact-address.htm

Papa Kehte Hain!

I am sure, you all must have heard this song from the movie Qayamat se Qayamat tak which became a rage the moment it hit the screen and made Aamir Khan a rising star, the chocolate boy who would soon conquer the Indian cinema in times to come.

What a journey it has been for the person hailing from a filmy family! As one would tend to imagine that the journey would have been a cake walk for the man, who of course had his godfathers in the industry.

But it was not to be. With the kind of defiant nature and a zeal to do things what was right according to him, the man treaded not so glorious a path. It was only after performances in movies like Dil hai ki maanta nahi and Sarfarosh that he was given his due recognition.

Even then, it was an era dominated by the likes of kuch kuch hota hai and DDLJ, and the Badshah was all set to charm the girls who would do anything after taking a vow over the kind of love that was depicted in his movies.

Things started to take a turn in a big way in favour of Aamir afterLagaan.Mr. Perfectionist, as he was being popularly called, started to assert his claim to thatnumero unoposition in Bollywood that had been previously held by the likes of Amitabh Bacchan and Shahrukh Khan.

All doubts regarding the box-office fate of his movies were soon dissipated and he was being considered a very safe and lucrative bet when it came to making money from movies.

With everything going in his favour, he surprisingly decided to restrict himself to a movie a year formula, going by his perfectionist nature, which was so contradictory to what most actors in the industry would have done at that time.

Critics warned him of his decision which according to them would prove to be a doomsday in the actor’s career. But God had surely scripted something very different for the man. Every movie that he did after became a super-duper hit.

Today, I am sure, if he looks back at what he has done, he will surely be proud of the collection of movies that he can proudly claim to be his.

And when we were all wondering as to what’s next, he conceptualized a show which was about to hit the very foundations of our society, at the same time, bringing out into the open, things that would otherwise be left not talked about sheerly because of the taboo associated with the same.

Some people amongst us criticize the man for what he has done to his personal life by getting divorced and for the amount that he might be charging for a episode of Satyamev Jayate.

No matter what be the criticisms, this man has done something which is surely quite different from what others in his position would have done. After all, why would one want to face the wrath of the orthodox section in our society, considering that one would otherwise be living a very peaceful and luxurious life?

He indeed is a man, who is truly inspirational to the so many in our society and deserve all the praise and respect in the World for being the man he is.

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Television and its Increased Importance

The Idiot Box, as they call it, is no more an idiot box. It has something which even the movies don’t have, the large number of audience day-in-day-out who are very loyal to it and will not betray it at any cost.

The medium has done wonders to the lives of many. From restoring Amitabh Bacchan’s lost fortunes to increasing popularity of some stars of Bollywood, it has helped shaped many careers.

Yesterday, even Anna Hazare couldn’t stop himself from coming to the singing show Sa Re Ga Ma, for promoting his fight against corruption and reaching out to the people at the same time. It is an astute move from an experienced person like Anna Hazare and is indeed a very good strategy of making the people aware about the pros and cons of the Lokpal Bill that their side (the activist) is promoting.

With increase in the population of India, especially in the middle income group, the number of viewers for television are all set to increase manifold. And with this phenomenon taking place, the television is all set to become an even stronger medium of reaching out to the people.

Source for Image: http://provisionslibrary.com/?cat=62


Cosmetic Surgery: Is it Ethical to do so?

Yesterday, I was having this conversation with a very gorgeous friend of mine, and she was telling me about the various surgeries that have been done by actresses in Bollywood, which have made them look quite beautiful. According to her, it was a totally inappropriate thing to do not only because it might have certain side effects but also because she considered it totally unethical on the part of actresses to show audiences something which is not true or natural.

After she left, I tried mulling over the same. My first thought was that, girls can be jealous, so may be she was just being a girl. But on second thoughts, she talked about being ethical and non-ethical, and I had to solve this mystery behind ethics.

The analysis started from the thought as to why girls would want to be beautiful? May be because it is quite cherished in our society and people like meeting and seeing beautiful people. Guys get attracted to girls in big time if the girl is gorgeous and sensuous, so that seems like quite a logical reason as to why girls would want to look sexy and hot.

In case of actresses, who are also girls and are in the business not only because they can act but also because they add tremendous glamor quotient to a movie. In fact, in lot of movies we have seen that actresses have very little role and what they end up doing is either performing a really sensuous song or just making the movie glamorous. This indeed gives some of the actresses, who are not very beautiful naturally or do not have a well-toned body/curves, a reason to go for Cosmetic surgeries or for Botox etc.

Now whether this is ethical or not depends on how you perceive it to be. Does it amount to giving audiences a fake show of what is not real? After all make-up does the same thing to a woman and when that is not considered unethical then why should a thing like cosmetic surgery should be considered unethical?

As far as the Bollywood business is concerned, they are there to make money and as they say “Sex Sells“, so they make sure that the actress in their movie look as pretty as possible. So, indeed the act of an actress going for cosmetic surgery is a reflection of the demands of our society towards film makers and this demand is passed on to the actresses who, in order to be popular and successful, find solace in the cosmetic surgery. After all, it’s about the demands of a society.

Do you think actresses should go for cosmetic surgery in order to enhance their beauty on and off-screen? (Let us know)

Source for Image: http://www.desitwist.com/bollywood-unlimited/shilpa-shetty-before-now-18469.html