Eid Mubarak :)

Eid Mubarak to everyone 🙂

The moment I got up today, the festivity seemed to be gripping every nook and corner of my house. Though, I am not a Muslim by religion, you would be surprised to know that since times immemorial I have always asked my mother to cook all the things that, you would normally associate with the festival and to my great pleasure, my mom has been very kind to do so.

What makes this Eid so special is an incident that happened right in front of me, just yesterday night.

Around 11’o clock at night, my father received an anonymous call from a resident here in Bareilly. His brother had been jailed for not being able to pay the damage caused by him by hitting one of the electricity transformers en route to his house.

As a consequence, he had been put behind the bars on a complaint filed by one of my father’s subordinates. The man’s brother requested my father to ask his subordiante to take back the complaint considering the fact that today was Eid and that his family would be waiting for him.

Sometimes, our system is criticized for by-passing the formal scheme of things which Max Weber would seem to have supported throughout his entire life via description of his ideal model of administration.

But on this occassion, I feel, Weber’s model had very little significance considering the fact that we all are Indians, and a very fundamental attribute that you can very well associate with every Indian is that we all are very emotional and sensitive people.

Keeping on with this tradition of us Indians, what my father did thereafter is in all senses of the word an exemplary fiat.

He, without by passing the rules and regulations, made sure that this man was bailed out and was re-united wih his family on this festive occasion.

Why, I call this exemplary is because there are not many people, especially in government jobs, who would go out of the way, to help a person in need. Though, some might want to reduce the significance of the act by labelling it as a duty that was supposed to be fulfilled by a government officer.

But, true as it might sound to some extent, what makes it exemplary and the reason behind me labeling it as a very significant feat is that most of our government servants wouldn’t have really cared about the situation, especially considering the fact that it was nearly midnight.

It was indeed very gratifying for me to see a man being united with his family. I could imagine the amount of happiness that would have crossed each and every member of that family after seeing their man back in the house. Imagine what his kids would feel welcoming him with open arms.

These are the feelings that make us all human. These are the things that in its meaning and its essence contribute to the unity of our nation. These are the things that differentiate us from say, the terrorists. And therefore, these are the things which we should never allow to leave us both in the times of distress and happiness.

On this note, I would like to wish everyone a very Happy Eid. Eid Mubarak to all.

It is time to take your leave. Guess what! My biryani and siwayan are eagerly waiting for me ;).

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Mango Dreams

One thing apart from the so many things that I can die for is nothing but what the World calls the king of fruits, mango. Having lived in a city for so long, it is but natural to have developed a liking for the same, especially considering the fact that Malihabad (famous for its Dussehri mangoes World over) is just a step away from the centre of the city.

How often it is that you only realize the importance of some precious thing when you are staying far from it. Yesterday was one such day. While feasting on the langra variety of mangoes, one of my uncles who had come to my house for dinner, took me to a different World altogether through his description of one of the baghs that his family owns in his native place.

His love for mangoes was quite evident from the manner in which he chose to describe the essence of the fruit. It was only after half an hour of vivid description that he took a deep breath followed by a sigh lamenting on the fact that due to the curfew that has been imposed in Bareilly, he has been unable to treat himself with the same.

Seeing his love for mangoes and as a matter of fact, since I happen to share the same emotions for the fruit, I couldn’t resist myself from telling him about a source through which good quality mangoes can be delivered at his door step, straight from the bagh.

I told him about this initiative by a fellow batch mate of mine from IIT Kanpur, and a very dear friend, who has started this e-Commerce activity this very season and has been extremely well received from all over the country for his excellent operational capabilites (http://mangobagh.com).

The moment he heard about the same, there was a big smile on his face and I am sure if anyone of you would have seen him, he would have looked like a 5 year old eagerly waiting to pluck a couple of mangoes straight from the branches of a mango tree.

He went on to share some stories from his childhood and college days, which reminded me of mine and made me a little nostalgic. By the time he finished telling us the same, it was already 11:30 p.m. and it was time to bid good night.

And for the very first time, a good night was about to become many mango nights for I was sure that both him and myself would be dreaming about the king for at least a couple of days that were about to follow.

Source for Image: http://www.mangobagh.com/

New Place! New Life!

If you are wondering where the hell I have been for the past couple of days, then I consider it as my blogging responsibility to tell you of my whereabouts 🙂 . Well, for the past couple of days, I had been involved in what I would like to call the 2nd major shifting of my life.

The first one was conducted when I was too young to realize what the hell was happening. But God has His own ways of making sure that one gets the taste of something that he/she so not desire ;).

And this time around, the taste was not all so sweet. Even after availing the services of the Movers n Packers, it was in all senses of the word a traumatic experience to make them pack all the stuff that my parents had accumulated over their professional life.

To our relief, we didn’t have to do them on our own, courtesy the same guys, but there is a price that everyone has to pay whenever one doesn’t really want to bear the responsibility on one’s shoulders.

And the price that we paid was in form of damages to certain precious possessions. However, sometimes on one hand where there is disappointment, on the other hand God makes sure that there is enough available to compensate for the liabilities incurred.

We were really pleasantly surprised by the Grandeur associated with the kothi/bangalow alloted to my father, which was built during 1950s. With a fireplace in the drawing room coupled with the huge amount of space available outside the house, it was in true senses of the word, what my friends call a dream house.

It is but natural to feel like a king, beholding the palace that was staring right in my face. And to put the icing on the cake was a party that followed the same evening in one of the oldest and the most privileged clubs in the city.

The first day went by in a flash. It was only on the second day, that we decided to tread the path to normalcy. Coming back to real terms, things started to take a U-turn with the logistics and the household chores becoming an issue.

Courtesy, the kind of country that we are living in and how easily labour can be got especially if you happen to be working for the government made our lives easy.

Today, when I got up, I felt a bit lonely with no friends around me and with no plans that I use to make with my friends in Lucknow. While in thinking mode, I decided to step out in my garden outside.

As I said earlier, God has His own ways of correcting/normalizing things. And there He was playing his part. What I saw write in front of me was a visual which would have brought a smile to the faces of anyone who would have seen the same.

Five small squirrels (my kutkuts from the Lucknow days) were happily playing in the garden and a dog (whom I have given the name Bageera from the famous Jungle Book) was sitting next to a tree.

In a couple of hours, I had found new friends. Life seems much more enjoyable now and the adventurous spirit in me is again beginning to take its toll on me.

I am sure it will take me to some place but what, when and where it will be as much a mystery to me as anyone else.

One thing though that I surely need to do is to prepare myself to explore what we all call Life.

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Dil Bagh Bagh :)

There are not many privileges that a common man gets in my city. But one privilege that one can avail of for sure, sheerly because of being a resident of the city is to be able to visit the World famous Mango baghs of Malihabad.

And yesterday was one such day for me. I had the opportunity of visiting one of the baghs, located just besides the Central Institute of Subtopical Horticulture (CISH). The path that leads to thebagh is in itself a fascinating ride amidst the trees on both sides and a view which in all senses of the word is nature personified.

After having treaded the path of nature, I got a rare opportunity to delve into the lives of the farmers who take very good care of their baghs. It was extremely heartening to see them talk of the mangoes with such excitement and possessiveness.

The kind of practical knowledge and awareness that they demonstrated was incredible. I guess it’s a pure consequence of having been born and brought up in such an environment and having purused their family tradition.

What was most noticeable though was to see the kind of friendly nature and hospitality that they demonstrated and that Lucknowites are so famous for all over the World. They made sure that that I have had experienced what all is associated and related to the king of fruits, before leaving.

All in all, a wondeful trip and a wonderful experience, which I will always cherish throughout my life 🙂 .

Source for Image: http://mynokiablog.com/2011/05/16/more-features-to-mango-wifi-hotspot-contact-groups-album-art-lockscreen-and-more/

Papa Kehte Hain!

I am sure, you all must have heard this song from the movie Qayamat se Qayamat tak which became a rage the moment it hit the screen and made Aamir Khan a rising star, the chocolate boy who would soon conquer the Indian cinema in times to come.

What a journey it has been for the person hailing from a filmy family! As one would tend to imagine that the journey would have been a cake walk for the man, who of course had his godfathers in the industry.

But it was not to be. With the kind of defiant nature and a zeal to do things what was right according to him, the man treaded not so glorious a path. It was only after performances in movies like Dil hai ki maanta nahi and Sarfarosh that he was given his due recognition.

Even then, it was an era dominated by the likes of kuch kuch hota hai and DDLJ, and the Badshah was all set to charm the girls who would do anything after taking a vow over the kind of love that was depicted in his movies.

Things started to take a turn in a big way in favour of Aamir afterLagaan.Mr. Perfectionist, as he was being popularly called, started to assert his claim to thatnumero unoposition in Bollywood that had been previously held by the likes of Amitabh Bacchan and Shahrukh Khan.

All doubts regarding the box-office fate of his movies were soon dissipated and he was being considered a very safe and lucrative bet when it came to making money from movies.

With everything going in his favour, he surprisingly decided to restrict himself to a movie a year formula, going by his perfectionist nature, which was so contradictory to what most actors in the industry would have done at that time.

Critics warned him of his decision which according to them would prove to be a doomsday in the actor’s career. But God had surely scripted something very different for the man. Every movie that he did after became a super-duper hit.

Today, I am sure, if he looks back at what he has done, he will surely be proud of the collection of movies that he can proudly claim to be his.

And when we were all wondering as to what’s next, he conceptualized a show which was about to hit the very foundations of our society, at the same time, bringing out into the open, things that would otherwise be left not talked about sheerly because of the taboo associated with the same.

Some people amongst us criticize the man for what he has done to his personal life by getting divorced and for the amount that he might be charging for a episode of Satyamev Jayate.

No matter what be the criticisms, this man has done something which is surely quite different from what others in his position would have done. After all, why would one want to face the wrath of the orthodox section in our society, considering that one would otherwise be living a very peaceful and luxurious life?

He indeed is a man, who is truly inspirational to the so many in our society and deserve all the praise and respect in the World for being the man he is.

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Get Real

One fine morning, I heard my neighbour’s daughter singing on top of her voice. Every time her song was followed by an assertion “main banogee Indian Idol”.

Well, it was “the” day for her and for many other youngsters like her who want to become Indian Idols, or more than anything else, want to become famous and want to be seen on the Television. Yes! It was time for auditions that were supposed to take place in my city the very day.

The kind of publicity and hooplah surrounding such reality shows has indeed have had an effect on the psyche of parents. The same parents, who might have reacted in an adverse manner hearing their child wanting to become a singer or a choreographer, now react in a totally different manner.

They want to support their child in his/her love for the field of Art that he/she might be interested in. They want to support their child in this quest for success and glory by treading the same path along with their child.

On one hand where there are parents who are able to rationally judge the talent that their child might posess, on the other hand there are parents who desire that their child become famous at any cost without really looking into the kind of talent that their child has and without making any effort whatsoever to enhance the same.

As a result, they end up making a fool of themselves in front of everyone who happen to watch such shows and by fighting with the judges end up setting a very bad example in front of their very own children.

This kind of behaviour on the part of parents coupled with the rejection faced by the child can have a very negative impact on the persona and psyche of the kid and he/she might end up developing complexes and negativity towards the World and towards its people, which might also effect the probability of the child in becoming a responsible citizen later on in life.

What parents need to do thus is to set a good example in front of their childen. Before really encouraging their child to run after easymoney and status, they should try to discover that one thing in their child which the child shows a liking to and then make sure that the child receives training from the best possible in the business.

This will not only help their child develop their skill set in a field that he/she likes, but also increase his/her chances of becoming successful in the field of their choice, which would indeed lead to happiness and satisfaction later on in life.

Source for Image: http://harshumeets.blogspot.in/2011/08/reality-shows-are-better-than-daily.html