Few days back I was having this conversation with a friend of mine,

and here I am writing this piece:

There are needs and then there are deeds,

This life is an interplay among these needs,

Which in turn influence our deeds,

And one such need is that of a companion,

A person with whom,

You hope to share the beautiful moments in this lifetime,

But what if the hope is taken away,

because of some reason or the other,

whatever the reason might be,

if it becomes toxic enough,

best is to move out,

of course, easier said than done,

and one can keep on giving all kinds of fundas,

the only thing that one can possibly contemplate on,

whether that moment of inevitability has arrived or not in your lifetime with your companion!

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Love 2022!

One of the most talked about emotions possibly is love,

The moment I utter the word,

What comes to mind,


The love that one might have for his gf/bf/spouse,

The love that a mother/father might have for their kids,


The love that one might have for friends,

But the kind of love that is most relevant and most important is love for self,

Which we practice day-in-day-out,

For every act of love that we demonstrate is intended to bring about a pleasantness in oneself,


We claim to be doing it for others,


The sole purpose is to have that feel good factor which makes our day,


Inspires us to invest our time and effort,


Gives this very life a purpose,

2022 is no different in that sense,

If we were to focus on this very essential of love,

There won’t be any question about what’s right or wrong,

For what makes our life feel good in the true sense will in itself make others happy!


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Just Bow Down!

Every year I have this tendency to write a post on माँ (Mother), 

Not necessarily on Mother’s Day!

Why, you may ask? 

Why not I may answer!

Surely, not because my mother forces me to do so 🙂

But for no other reason that I can confidently state, 

Just feel like doing so, 

After all, would I even be writing this, if it was not for her, 


Of course my father, not to take any credit away from him 🙂

If she would have not taken care and nurtured me for the critical nine months to begin with,


If she wouldn’t have taken care of me thereafter, all these years. 

I always seem to run out of words when it comes to Her, 

What can I possibly say or do which could do justice to the very Being!

For it’s beyond comprehension, 

Why and how a mother does what she does and keeps doing all Her life!

The only gesture possibly is to bow down to the very nature that She represents. 

Wonder, where She gets this devotion, 

This strength to go beyond Her emotions, 

This compassion to be able to include someone in Her life and make him Her priority, 

Amazed I am every time to witness this amazing phenomenon of Motherhood!

Bewildered I am to even come up with a synonym for the very Word, 


Small and Belittled I am to understand the very creation whom we all refer to as our Mother, 

If only everyone could move towards imbibing the kind of love and inclusiveness a Mother has towards Her kid, 

The world would become a much better place to reside in. 

The only thing I can possibly say to conclude:

Lucky are those who have Mothers, 


We are what we are because She is what She is!

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Oh! the boys in our house don’t really cook!”

You must have heard this somewhere around you,

May be in movies


Some tv soap opera depicting the kind of Indian society we live in,

What if the household work was taught to each and every kid,

Be it a son or a daughter,

As if it were a part of daily life,

Similar to let’s say brushing your teeth,

If it were to happen,

Don’t you think the very issue about who does what in a household would be sorted?

After all, relationships have come down to give and take,

Don’t you think it would take care of the give and take?


Maybe one could go beyond this and focus upon other aspects of what a relation could end up meaning!

Whether it was done for our generation or not is a topic for another day,

But what we can do, we should do,

And someone once told me:

Everyday is a good day to start! So what are you waiting for? Oh, by the way if you are wondering what that L represents, it’s love!

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Willing Chance!

Have you ever wondered what’s it’s come down to? 

Expecting from others to behave in a certain manner, contingent to our own limited liking, 

Be it: 







Any Passerby, 

And what purpose does it serve apart from making us more:





Primarily unstable, 

Possibly making us a member of a tribe which is lost but never to be found. 

Eventually ending up all lonely,


None would want to be in our company, 

None would aspire to keep arguing till eternity, 


More importantly, all would expect the unexpected

Choice is ours to be a party to the much-much group or be a worthy member of the much expected tribe: 

One who puts himself/herself in other’s shoes before judging or criticizing,


One who provides that all important ear to listen and not comment when it matters the most,


At such challenging times , why not bring a little change in the way we:






Only question being: 

Are we ready to give this transformation a willing chance? 

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The Other World!

A short story, titled “The Other World” that I had written sometime back, would love to share with all. Have fun reading ;)!

She willed herself to not check her phone to see if he had replied. It had been about three days now. She hated that she was constantly checking his ‘last seen at’ status and yes, he had logged in just five minutes ago. Yet she couldn’t stop herself. This sinking feeling to find absolutely no communication from him was becoming unbearable, almost torturous.

And then, just as she sat down in her chair, her phone vibrated. With her heart thudding in her ear, she unlocked her phone and stared at the screen. Finally! It was his message.

But when she opened it and read it, she nearly stopped breathing. She didn’t know if he was joking or not. What was this?

“Ishika, listen very carefully. This might be my last message to you. I am trapped. I can barely move from my bed. It’s hard to believe but there is some unseen force in my house, I have no idea how to describe. It’s not letting me go out of my house. I took her permission to go to the washroom and managed to bring this phone along. She is calling me now. I have to go. HELP ME!” Ishika could feel a wave of shiver run down her spine.

“Has Sameer lost his mind? What unseen force? Trapped? How is it possible? I don’t believe this crap?” Ishika tried calling Sameer as the thoughts flooded her mind.

There was no answer. She tried calling him again but to her utter despair the phone was switched off on this occasion.

“Is Sameer playing a prank, if he is then it’s not funny at all. I would kill him for this. What if he is not? What if he is telling me the truth? What if there was an unseen force?” Ishika, though had heard of paranormal before and had always been an avid non-believer, yet she didn’t know how to react.

On one hand, she wondered and internally hoped that Sameer was playing another of his pranks, on the other hand she felt too terrified to respond to the message.

Gathering her wits, Ishika decided to call Sameer’s best friend, Ankan, who lived not so far from his house and who could go and check up on Sameer if everything was fine.

“Hi Ankan. This is Ishika. I haven’t heard from Sameer since three days now. He told me that his parents are also not in town. I was a bit worried. Can you please go to his house and see if he is alright?”

“Ishika, everything is fine. He is busy working on one of his projects that he told me about. He even cancelled our plan of going to the football match. You know how these budding scientists are sometimes. He said that he needed few days off to focus on this project.” Ankan tried calming Ishika who sounded extremely worried and terrified on the phone.

“I know Ankan that he is working, but never have this kind of thing happened before. He always used to send me a text or call me at least once, whenever he used to work on his projects before. But this time around there hasn’t been any communication from his side for 3 days. Please Ankan, can you go and see, if he is alright! For me, please!”

Ishika didn’t want to share the details of the only message she had received from Sameer in three days, one because she didn’t want to scare the hell out of Ankan, for Ankan was a firm believer in the existence of another World out there and whom she knew was so scared of watching horror movies that if at all he would see them, it would be in broad daylight and two because if Sameer was playing a prank, she didn’t want to look like a fool in front of Ankan.

“Ok Ishika. I will go to his house right away. Let me call you back once I am there.” Though Ankan was pretty sure of what Sameer was up to, yet for Ishika’s sake, he decided to break the promise that he had given to Sameer three days back of not visiting him until Sameer asked him to.

Sameer, or Genius, as his friends used to refer to him as, was an outright scholar from his childhood days, a prodigy hard to be ignored and an intellect which his friends believed could even give Einstein a run for his money.

He had gone on to graduate from one of the most prestigious institutes in India by the name of IIT or Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur and following up on his love for Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence, had done a Masters and a PhD in Cognitive Sciences.

It was in IIT Kanpur that he had met the love of his life, Ishika, who had gone on to pursue her ambitions of having a successful career in the world of advertising while Sameer was doing his PhD and now resided in the city that never slept, Mumbai.

Sameer, after having completed his studies, had decided to become a visiting professor in his Alma Mater at the same time pursue research in his favourite discipline. For this, he had set up a lab in his father’s house in the beautiful hill town of Nainitaal, where his father, after having served in the coveted Indian Administrative Service (IAS) for over a period of three decades, had decided to settle down amidst the lush green woods.


Sameer’s parents were aware and approved of the budding scientist’s relationship with the beautiful Advertiser. Ishika used to visit their house whenever she got a break from her grueling schedule and when Sameer could escape his duties of a visiting faculty member.

Everyone around Sameer knew that he had lately become interested in the World of Paranormal activities and had started working on a project, which he said would change the way people perceived the “other world”. He had even named his project, “The Other World”.

As Ankan walked towards Sameer’s house, he remembered having that last discussion with Genius:

“Ankan, I would have to cancel our plan of going for the match.”

“But why? Don’t you know we had been planning this for quite some time now? You can work on your project later. It’s just a matter of a couple of hours.” Ankan tried convincing Sameer.

“Ankan, I cannot even if I want to. I have reached a stage in my project where I am not allowed to leave my house anymore.” Ankan looked bemused.

“What do you mean, you are not allowed to? Is this some kind of a joke, Sameer?”

“I didn’t tell you Ankan, but I have done something which the other world didn’t want me to. I have broken their laws and now they want to punish me for what I have done.”

“Who are they? And what are you talking about? Sameer, now you are scaring me to death.”

“I was just kidding, Ankan. Just that I am too caught up with the thing.” Seeing Ankan worried, Sameer thought of chucking it off.

And that was it. Ankan hadn’t heard from Sameer for three days, similar to what Ishika had experienced.

As Ankan approached his house, he could feel a sense of unusualness about the surroundings. Yes, Sameer’s house was located on a hill top with only 2 other houses in the vicinity, but this time around he could feel a cold breeze which seemed to be cooler than the normal, which was an aberration considering that it was the month of April.

By the time Ankan could manage to reach the door and ring the bell, it was already 5’oclock in the evening.

“Where is everyone? His servants, gardener?” Ankan felt nervous seeing no one respond to the bell.

On most occasions when Ankan had visited Sameer’s house, there would be a person working outside, and the door would generally be open, but this time around, it was closed and no one could be heard. He could even hear the sound of the cold breeze blowing in his face and hair.

He rang the bell for the second time. There was no response on this occasion as well.

“Sameer might have gone for a cup of tea to his favourite tea-stall just half a kilometre walk down the hill, where he goes whenever he wants a break from his project. The servants might have gone for the ration” Ankan sat on a chair lying in the garden and decided to call Ishika in the meantime, waiting for the Genius to come back from his tea session.

“Ishika, this is Ankan. I have reached Sameer’s house. No one is here. He might have gone for his tea break.”

“How is it possible, Ankan?” Ishika decided to tell Ankan the truth behind the message that she had got from Sameer’s phone.

“Why didn’t you tell me before? Let me get some help….” Ankan could barely speak when the phone got disconnected.

“Hello Ankan! Ankan…” Ishika tried calling Ankan only to hear that the phone had been switched off.

In Mumbai, Ishika paced around in the living room waiting for Ankan to call her back.

It was already midnight and Ishika hadn’t received any communication neither from Ankan nor from Sameer. She didn’t know anyone other than Ankan and Sameer’s parents in Nainitaal, whom she could call. Two options lay in front of her.

Either she could wait for Ankan to call her back or opt for a 12 hour long journey from Mumbai to Nainitaal, which incorporated a 2 hour flight from Mumbai to Lucknow and a 10 hour drive from Lucknow to Nainitaal.

Ishika decided to take the flight 6 a.m. next morning, hoping that Ankan would call her in any case. She couldn’t sleep the entire night waiting for Ankan to call her back. As she sat in the Indigo flight and closed her eyes, she wished that her fears should never come true.

Having not had even an hour of sleep the previous night, Ishika immediately fell asleep. Two hours passed in a flash and when she opened her eyes, the flight had landed in Lucknow.

As Ishika came out of the airport, she could see her all-time college friend Shreya, whom Ishika had told everything the previous night and who had offered to drive Ishika to Nainitaal.

As they both drove towards Nainitaal, Ishika couldn’t help but think and worry at the same time about the scheme of events that had ensued previous night. On one hand, where she prayed for Sameer’s safety, on the other hand she felt nervous and terrified remembering the message that Sameer had sent her last night.

By the time Shreya and Ishika could reach Sameer’s house, it was already 7 p.m. They could barely see any signs of life in the vicinity. The only sign of hope was a street light located right outside Sameer’s house.

“Why is there no light here, Ishika? We should call for help. I am really scared.” Shreya looked terrified witnessing the silence and seeing no one around.

“Let’s go and ring the bell. I am sure the servants would be around. If not, we will go down the hill and report in the police station.” Ishika stood there shivering right outside Sameer’s house trying to assure herself more than Shreya that everything was alright.

As Ishika moved towards the door and was about to ring the bell, the silence was broken by a deafening sound of crackers and she could witness flood lights on her with Sameer having opened the door and kneeling down on his knees with a ring in his hand.

“Ishika, will you marry me?” Ishika stood there terrified

She could hardly believe what was happening. It felt like a dream. It took her sometime to regain her composure. She could now see her relatives including her parents, her college friends, Sameer’s parents, Ankan and his friends, who by then had come out of the house and stood there next to the couple.

“No. I won’t. What is all this, Sameer? How could you do this? Did you know how scared I was? How could you even think of such a prank?” Tears flew down Ishika’s cheeks.

“Ishika, I wanted to give you a surprise. I wanted to make it special for you.” Sameer held Ishika in her arms as a smile started appearing on her face.

“What is this other world project? Ankan, I didn’t expect this from you.” Ishika looked at Sameer’s perceived partner in crime.

“Ankan is not to be blamed, Ishika. It was all my idea He didn’t have a clue of what was going on. This other world is the world after marriage, Ishika. It’s the world that we will be starting together. It’s the world that we will be creating and living all our lives. Ishika, will you be mine forever and ever?” Sameer stood there extending his hand towards Ishika.

“Yes. Do you even have the slightest of doubts?” Ishika smiled back and put her hand on Sameer’s.

As Sameer put the ring on Ishika’s finger and as she could hear everyone clapping, she took a moment to close her eyes thanking the Almighty for fulfilling her dream of getting married to the love of her life.

The deal was done, signed and both Sameer and Ishika were all set to step into the Other World which welcomed them both with open arms.

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The First One!

Have you ever wondered why so much of importance is given to the firsts by our society, so much so that an entire advertisement was dedicated to as to who would be first to win the Indian Football League.

Why this fascination with the first? Isn’t second more or less the same as the first. After all, isn’t it just a number that was invented by I don’t know who, but someone intelligent enough to understand the very fundamentals of numerology.

The first kiss, the first girlfriend, the first and hopefully the only wife, the first baby, the first book you read, the first teacher whom you had a crush on in your school or college, the first time you won a medal, the first time you stood first in class, the first rank in a competitive examination; all the above have immense significance attributed to by the who’s who of our society. first one

To be honest, when I started writing this article, I had someone on my mind, but the time interval between having someone on my mind and having started actually penning down my thoughts, it took a different turn altogether.

And I deviated from writing about that someone to this particular one. Now coming back to that someone, and dedicating it to all those who believe that love happens just once, अर्ज़ किया है:

” ऐसा नहीं था कि तुम सबसे हसीं थे,
हाँ पर ये ज़रूर था कि बस तुम ही तुम थे,
तुम्हे देखने को जी ललचाता था,
तुम्हे ना देख पाने पर, मंन रूठ जाता था,
तुम्हारी एक झलक के लिए हम कुछ भी कर जाते थे,
फिर भी कभी कभी हम तुम्हे समझ में ना आते थे,
दिल से बस यही फरियाद निकलती थी,
एक बार जीने को फिर से उम्मीद हो उठती थी,
कहते थे हम सबसे कि हमें तुम मिल गए हो,
मानो जैसे खुद के तुम फ़रिश्ते बन गए हो….”

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The Gift of Life!

Guys, I would like to make a confession today. A couple of months back, when I came to reside in what I call the Biryani city, Hyderabad and all of a sudden, when one of my friends asked me as to when I got married, I was unable to tell him the date.

No matter how much I want to justify this, I cannot do so. So, I won’t even try. That night itself while talking to my wife, I told her about what ensued during the day and she was really bemused by the incident at the same time might have wondered what kind of husband have I got who doesn’t even remember our marriage date.

I know for sure, that little things in life give us more happiness than what you really think they will. I know it’s about living those little yet wonderful moments in your life and building on each one of them to write what you call the story of your life.

I have been lucky enough to have a life partner who understands what kind of story I would want to write, with her besides me. I know, she might not really agree to my conception of life that I have, yet she is giving enough to let me have my own space to live it on my own sweet

Trust me, when you have one aspect of your life so settled, you don’t feel the stress and you don’t have a tendency to fall into the insecurity trap, which most of the guys at my age tend to get into thinking about the uncertainties of the future.

If you are wondering, why the hell I am talking about my personal stuff today, yes you guessed it right, today is my marriage anniversary and this post is not only dedicated to my wonderful wife but to all the beautiful ladies around the globe who believe in living life to the fullest.

If I start talking about the other wonderful ladies, then I would have it from my wife, also from the husbands of other ladies, therefore would focus on talking about just my wife ;).

Now, what do I say about her. The more I see her, the more I fall in love with her. The more I talk to her, the more I feel closer to her. The more I admire what she does for me or my family, the more respect I have for her. The more I think about her professional side, the more I wonder how can a woman manage her professional and personal life so well without any complaints what so ever.

Trust me again that I am not a very easy man to spend one’s life with. I am far far off from what comes under the category of an ideal man that every girl would want to have. Yet, she loves me. Yet she thinks about us before she thinks about herself. Yet she takes care of my parents as if they were her own. Yet she does every possible thing and makes every possible effort in the World to make me happy.

I think I must have done something really good in my previous birth, that I got a life partner as wonderful as hers. She always complaints to me that I don’t give her enough gifts. Today, I want to tell her, that she is the biggest gift of my life and all my gifts are so small as compared to the gift that God has given me in this life of mine.

I wish you a very happy anniversary baby. I love you.

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Shopping Wopping!

I would want to believe that majority of guys don’t like shopping when it comes to your wives and girlfriends dragging you to the market place especially after a plethora of emotional dialogues and blackmail, and leaving you with no other choice but to comply to their sweet will.

Some of you might toe in line and pretend to like the very idea thinking that since you are already there, you might as well enjoy the entire experience. The rest, on the other hand, would crib and act as if they are going through the torture of their lives, making it sure that the girlfriend or the wife comes to know about the same and hoping that they wouldn’t be dragged from next time around, but little do they realize they would not only become a punching bag for their better halves on reaching home but would also have to go through a hell lot of serious torture while trying to provide a proof of your love towards your better

Intelligent are those who tend to pretend liking the entire shopping experience as they are then treated by their better halves in the most wonderful and sensual of mannerism which any guy could die for.

Does it mean that every guy should try to alter the very core of their personalities and start liking shopping? Well, not really but surely you should at least give it a thought and try to fall in the former category in case you want your love life to remain peaceful at all times.

But won’t it mean compromising too much? Wasn’t it meant to be a give and take relationship? Wasn’t it meant to be a mutually desirable and pleasurable experience?

If you guys out there are wondering about all the above questions, then you are true to the core persona, but little do you realize that when you tend to enter into a relationship, it is 90% of the time that women have a knack of making you do what you might least want to do, considering the kind of manipulation power and in turn intelligence that they seem to be born with.

I wonder why women have a stereotypical view of being called stupid and are labelled such by our society. If anyone in this world has a doubt regarding whether they are or not, might want to think about it again after giving recognition to the wonderful knack that they have developed in pursuing a guy to toe to their will.

Well, this is just one perspective and it would be unfair on my part, if I fail to present the views of the fairer sex on the wopping

For a girl, shopping is equivalent to a lifeline that they get in return for what all they go through during their life. It is similar to a guy’s lifeline of say watching IPL or any sports or pursuing any particular hobby that is so near and dear to him.

It surely makes them happy. A guy would wonder why and how spending nearly half the guy’s income can make anybody happy, but the truth is, that it does for majority of the girls. After all, it is about maintaining a certain level of happiness quotient in life, which they do so by indulging in shopping. Not to mention that there are indeed mature souls on this planet who take a different view altogether and who spend only when there is enough to spend and do not dive into a careless spree of buying anything and everything that comes to their mind.

Recently, I happened to be talking to one such mature lady, a relative (R) of mine (M), with whom I happened to have a wonderful conversation regarding shopping.

You know, it feels really nice when my husband asks me to go out with him to the market place. It does not necessarily mean that I would spend money but just the idea of my husband taking care of my feelings and giving what I want a consideration makes me happy.”—–R

Yes, I can understand. It feels that the other person cares for you.”—-M

Ya, absolutely! Also, I like seeing new things. I like witnessing the kind of fashion that is prevalent now a days. I like to do window shopping more than actually going out there and buying every possible item I can think of. It is also about spending some quality time with your husband which you normally don’t get a chance because you are so engrossed in your daily routine and don’t find time for such activities. It is very much a break for all ladies.”—-R

True. And everyone desires a change from the monotony that ensues courtesy the kind of Indian society we all happen to live in, where the woman in the house, at least from your generation is expected to get up everyday in the morning and is expected to take care of all the needs of not only the husband and children but also the entire family, ranging from grandfather to brother-in-laws, especially in a joint family.”—-M

Ya, and see how wonderfully we do this job, without any complaints and with full devotion. It looks pretty easy but can be really taxing and tiring. No man can take on such a responsibility because they are not made that way by God. I guess he had special plans when it came to taking care of the family needs and every woman of my generation should take great pride in the things we do.”—-R

True, and hats off to all the ladies and my mother for having done so for so long.”—-M

Ok, you tell me. Men call it a give and take relationship. So, for what we do, don’t we deserve an evening out with the man in our lives, where we can get to enjoy buying new things, which by the way, most of the times are related to the needs of the family and the household. So it is not that we are always buying something for ourselves. We buy keeping in mind everything that might be required by the family. In a way, we are still on duty keeping every little thing in our mind at all times and ensuring that everyone remains happy in our house. After hearing all this, you tell me, whether it is too much a demand that our husbands always seem to crib about?”—-R

Well, I had no answer to the last question that she asked and I seemed a totally transformed person after the entire conversation. Indeed the woman of our lives does take care of all the things that we can possibly think of. In different roles whether it be of a daughter, or a wife or a mother, she tends to fulfill every little expectation that the society has from her. Doesn’t she deserve a better treatment from all the guys?shopping boy

Come on, guys! It is not much that is being asked of you. And I am sure that all of us are capable of doing much better in life :).

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Finally Married! :D

It is not often that you get a chance to live it again, and when it happens to be India, there is a high probability that you will end up getting to experience the same just once. Well, I am talking about none other than the big fat Indian wedding.

And in this case, the wedding happened to be mine. Somehow, the feeling is yet to sink in that I, of all people, am finally married. I always knew that it would happen some day but never ever had I imagined that it would occur so soon.

Friends tell me that my life is about to take a U-turn, for the best, of course, but no one dares to share their turns and slides that they have experienced since the time they themselves got married 😉 and for those who are yet to get married, are all too excited that they will be going through the same emotions and feelings very soon.

The day before the ceremony took place, all the curious minds, which included the likes of Saty and Baba, who have been such an integral part of my writings, seemed to have shared the same question, “how are you feeling?

There can be various ways of looking at the curiosity. One could be, “Boss! you are doomed.” Second could be a more sarcastic humor, “Wow! New Start! New Wife! New Life!” And another could be, “What to say? It is happening right here, right now. The eventuality has struck”

For those, who don’t seem to concur with all the above three, and by the way, I am a part of the same, could well say that it is one of the most amazing of moments that one can experience during one’s life time. It is the beginning of a new journey accompanied by someone whom you have loved all this while, whom you have admired all through your courtship, whom you have wanted to spend more time with, whose image is so deeply engrossed inside your heart that the moment you close your eyes and begin to imagine about something beautiful that has happened to you, her face is the first thing in the world that seems to strike a chord with your thinking.

No matter, how much you pretend to be a cool dude and act as if you were the last person in the world to have wanted to go down the marriage lane, your heart knows that you were indeed craving to get into this legal live-in relationship. 

No matter, how much you tell your friends that all your freedom will soon be lost, and you would in some ways become a wife’s man, you always wanted to grab that status with both your hands, just because of the love, admiration and respect that you have for your wife.

No matter, how much you crib about your own personal space being taken away by a second person in your life, you always wished and prayed that you may find a partner, your soul mate, who could fill up that personal space with her persona and beauty and love which you have always craved and wished for.

No matter, how much you would want to meet up your friends on a day-to-day basis, you always knew who stood first in your priority list and who would be the first person to deserve your attention when it came to sharing the spare little time that you had.

Trust me guys, it is a wonderful feeling to fall in love and to be loved, especially when the culmination of the same gets explicitly manifested in the form of a ceremony, which we all refer to as the shaadi ka laddoo, in India. 

This one is surely and truly dedicated to my wife with all my heart:

ऐ यार तेरी आशिक़ी ने हमें इतना बदल दिया, 

कि जो कभी बंदिशों का घेरा लगता था, 

वो आज एक हसीन इत्तेफ़ाक़ लगने लगा,

कहने को तो लोग इसे मोहब्बत ही कहते हैं,

पर हमें ये एक खुदा का तोहफा लगने लगा.

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