S for….

They say only unsuccessful are the ones who delve into spiritual stuff,

For they are too busy doing what they are good at,


Well, let us look at the likes of Amitabh Bacchan, Shahrukh Khan, Sachin Tendulkar,


They did what they were good at or became good at,

But haven’t they followed certain religious and spiritual fundamentals in their life,

Be it taking the first shot at a particular time on a movie set,


Wearing the right or the left pad first as a batsman in a cricket match,

No matter what S stands for in your life,

I guess spiritually forms such a core part of our lives,

Be it the successful or the not so successful ones,

That we all tend to delve or seek refuge in the same!

So, what does S stand for in your lives?

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Religious Indulgence!

I happened to get up real early this morning. Since, it is not often that we get to see the rising sun these days, courtesy the kind of lifestyle we all tend to lead, I decided to take a walk in order to find some solace amidst the hooplah that we generally associate with a buzzing city, which also happens to be the capital of the state where I happen to reside.

But little did I realize that today is a Tuesday. If you are wondering why I am telling you such a trivial thing like this, this Tuesday is supposedly not an ordinary Tuesday. It is what we call bada mangal in India. On this day, people flock to the temples starting very early in the morning and one can witness large cues of people standing outside the temple to get a glimpse of their most sought for God and to make sure that they offer Him all kinds of valuables in order to please Him to the extent of Him showering His blessings and love on them.JhakhuTemple_4834

Coming back to my morning exploration agenda, it turned out to be a noisy affair with people chit-chatting on the streets and pandals offering food and drinks to those who got up so early just to indulge in what I would want to refer to as the religious indulgence.

Without going into the religious beliefs that people have, as it is very much an individualistic thing, I sometimes wonder why these very people who end up going to the temples and end up praying in front of their respective Gods, end up doing acts in real life which, am sure, would make their God feel very disgruntled.

It is quite bewildering why these very people don’t realize that it is more important to be practicing good values and inculcating good habits in life rather than going to the temples on such special days and asking for forgiveness. Why in the first place should you end up in a situation where you are required to ask for forgiveness?

Isn’t it an irony that these very same people who come to the temples with all the expensive valuables, the moment they step out of the sacred place, commit acts which can, at times, make the entire humanity feel ashamed of themselves. What’s the use of doing such penance when it doesn’t seem to strike a chord in their minds as to what is right and what is wrong? Isn’t it a mockery of the religion which they practice and which supposedly preaches them the contrary of what they end up doing in their real lives?

I cannot help but think, whether the evolution of this very concept of God occured just because we humans couldn’t handle the guilt associated with the shameful acts that we all commit. And so we created temples and in turn placed a figure in the form of a statue and started referring to Him as God, who supposedly is in all ways became the karta dharta of this very World in which we all happen to be living in.

God, who was supposed to give people the strength and vision to do things in a virtuous manner, ended up being a proxy, used by the powerful and the rich and even the common man to get rid of their guilt.God

As far as I am concerned, I believe that instead of going to the temples, it is more important to practice good things in life. I am sure your God will be more happy if you end up doing just that rather than going to the temples and creating chaos and incidents like stampedes.

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Eid Mubarak :)

Eid Mubarak to everyone 🙂

The moment I got up today, the festivity seemed to be gripping every nook and corner of my house. Though, I am not a Muslim by religion, you would be surprised to know that since times immemorial I have always asked my mother to cook all the things that, you would normally associate with the festival and to my great pleasure, my mom has been very kind to do so.

What makes this Eid so special is an incident that happened right in front of me, just yesterday night.

Around 11’o clock at night, my father received an anonymous call from a resident here in Bareilly. His brother had been jailed for not being able to pay the damage caused by him by hitting one of the electricity transformers en route to his house.

As a consequence, he had been put behind the bars on a complaint filed by one of my father’s subordinates. The man’s brother requested my father to ask his subordiante to take back the complaint considering the fact that today was Eid and that his family would be waiting for him.

Sometimes, our system is criticized for by-passing the formal scheme of things which Max Weber would seem to have supported throughout his entire life via description of his ideal model of administration.

But on this occassion, I feel, Weber’s model had very little significance considering the fact that we all are Indians, and a very fundamental attribute that you can very well associate with every Indian is that we all are very emotional and sensitive people.

Keeping on with this tradition of us Indians, what my father did thereafter is in all senses of the word an exemplary fiat.

He, without by passing the rules and regulations, made sure that this man was bailed out and was re-united wih his family on this festive occasion.

Why, I call this exemplary is because there are not many people, especially in government jobs, who would go out of the way, to help a person in need. Though, some might want to reduce the significance of the act by labelling it as a duty that was supposed to be fulfilled by a government officer.

But, true as it might sound to some extent, what makes it exemplary and the reason behind me labeling it as a very significant feat is that most of our government servants wouldn’t have really cared about the situation, especially considering the fact that it was nearly midnight.

It was indeed very gratifying for me to see a man being united with his family. I could imagine the amount of happiness that would have crossed each and every member of that family after seeing their man back in the house. Imagine what his kids would feel welcoming him with open arms.

These are the feelings that make us all human. These are the things that in its meaning and its essence contribute to the unity of our nation. These are the things that differentiate us from say, the terrorists. And therefore, these are the things which we should never allow to leave us both in the times of distress and happiness.

On this note, I would like to wish everyone a very Happy Eid. Eid Mubarak to all.

It is time to take your leave. Guess what! My biryani and siwayan are eagerly waiting for me ;).

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Rioting for Religion

On one hand where Bareilly, my current refuge, was busy partying on Sunday night, on the other hand there was something dreadful that was about to happen in a place called Aavlan, a place not very far from the city.

A group of kanvariyas, known for their devotion towards Lord Shiva, and who become quite visible during the season of Sawan, were totally engrossed in their enchantments when the communal bug hit them.

As the word goes, continuing with their over-the-moon celebrations, the group didn’t realize that they were crossing a mosque where the muslims of the area were all prepared to break their fast, carrying on with their tradition of Ramzaan.

On being requested by the Muslims, the kanvariyas refused to tow down their celebrations and the noise emanating from the same. An argument followed which soon took the shape of a skirmish, and resulted in injuring and probably killing a number of the kanvariyas and the Muslims present there at the very moment.

What followed after was a toned down replica ofthedreadful Mumbai riots and many such riots that our country, of late, has become so used of beholding.

The administration in the district was quick to respond. In this effort a number of policemen and the SP of the city got injured. Surely their effort needs to be applauded for having prevented a major catastrophe from taking place and for imposing a curfew in the whole area.

But one question that has had and is continuing to marr the image of our country as a country with unity in diversity that India is so proud of propagating everywhere around the globe, is why do we become so intolerant when it comes to propagating or practicing our religion?

Is it because of the manifestations of our biases towards the other sections/religions in our country that seem to find its way out on such occassions or is it because of the increase in intolerance and loss in secular character of our citizens that seems to multiply on such critical moments?

Whatever be the reason, one thing that is absolutely essential for a country like India to tread its path of transition from a developing to a developed nation, is to maintain an environment of peace and stability, in order to be able to develop and grow.

The people or the hooligans who tend to be involved in such activities have no regard whatsoever for our nation or her assets. As a result, we end up losing not only the valuable infrastructure but also the precious lives of our youth, who tend to play a major role during such riots, and who have a potential of becoming productive citizens of our country.

Such loss is completely irreparable. It also ends up creating bad feelings on both sides of the community and serves like a ticking bomb ready to explode sometime in the future.

What needs to be done is to increase contact between the two communities and bring them on a platform where they can interact and try to get rid of their stereotypes and prejudices that have developed over time.

Schools and parents need to play a major part in this effort. They themselves might have gone through harsh experiences but they should make sure that they don’t end up imposing their biases on their own children and leave them to suffer in the times to come.

After all, its not the religion that causes all the trouble. Its the people themselves, its us, who are the sole and the only cause of such conflicts.

And what’s more important is to realize that we don’t really need to go far in order to find our answers to the puzzle and to take note of what the father of our nation once said: “be the peace you wish for the world“.

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