Television and its Increased Importance

The Idiot Box, as they call it, is no more an idiot box. It has something which even the movies don’t have, the large number of audience day-in-day-out who are very loyal to it and will not betray it at any cost.

The medium has done wonders to the lives of many. From restoring Amitabh Bacchan’s lost fortunes to increasing popularity of some stars of Bollywood, it has helped shaped many careers.

Yesterday, even Anna Hazare couldn’t stop himself from coming to the singing show Sa Re Ga Ma, for promoting his fight against corruption and reaching out to the people at the same time. It is an astute move from an experienced person like Anna Hazare and is indeed a very good strategy of making the people aware about the pros and cons of the Lokpal Bill that their side (the activist) is promoting.

With increase in the population of India, especially in the middle income group, the number of viewers for television are all set to increase manifold. And with this phenomenon taking place, the television is all set to become an even stronger medium of reaching out to the people.

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Fast and Furious

When I tell you that we will be able to reach a place anywhere on this planet from our current position in just a span of 60 minutes, what would be your first reaction?
“You are kidding, right?”, and that’s is exactly how I reacted when a friend informed me about this new HTV-2 (Hypersonic Technology Vehicle) which is currently in the development stage.

The only three issues that are marring the development are in the fields of Aerodynamics, Aerothermal and guidance, navigation and control. It is hard to imagine how the development of such an aircraft, if these difficulties are overcome, are going to alter the socio-economic scenario in this era of globalization.

Seeing the rate at which technology revolution is moving forward, the day is not far off when we would just need to blink our eye in order to get our work done. Exciting as it might sound, it will certainly come with its own share of pros and cons. Hopefully, the pros are going to rule the cons and would help in making this planet a better place to live in.

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Technology Revolution/Mobile Phones: A havoc in disguise?

The one thing that surely makes us feel that we are living in a techno-driven World is the ubiquity of the mobile phones. It has become such a common thing these days that even a cycle-rickshaw puller possesses it with pride.

One thought that perturbs me though is the disadvantages of having a mobile. Just imagine, you are with your girlfriend and you don’t want to be traced and here you go, your Mom calls you at least 100 times and there goes your romantic mood in the drain.

A recent study also put a lot of question marks on the harmful impacts of using a mobile phone for longer durations. The study went on to caution people about the frequent use as it might be a reason for the increased cancer incidence in today’s World. This makes me wonder whether we are destroying ourselves and our planet by making our lives more materialistic.

There are so many other reasons that you can think of about why one should reduce his/her dependence on technology. Some of us who are die-hard fans of the newer technologies hitting the market every day would want to argue that these things are making our lives comfortable at the end of the day, so why we must give up on these things?

True, and the saying fits in really well with the above observation: “Without pain there is no gain“. I just hope that the pain should not exceed the gain, for if it does then we and our future generations are in for a hard time on Planet Earth.

Do you think technology revolution would result in havoc in the coming years?

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