Today’s Column in iNext DainiK Jagran

Add on to the Above:

How many times have you thought of things in this World which are so not perfect? And if you are a girl then the imperfectionist nature of our society tends to bother you more, especially in the context of the incidents that take place every day and are reported in nearly every newspaper in our country.

On top of that, with the kind of law enforcement mechanisms in place in our country, parents are left with no other option but to feel insecure and scared about us. As a result, some parents don’t want their children to go away from them even for studies, especially if they belong to smaller towns and cities.

This might lead to frustation in the minds of children who might have seen some dreams for themselves and not getting the chance to pursue their dreams might lead to disappointment in life.

This needs serious thinking on the part of our society. What kind of environment are we as citizens providing to the people? And what kind of legal machinery is in place where people are themselves scared to approach a police officer for their own good?

What is needed though is to instill confidence in the minds of the people about the whole system. What is needed is to make this system function well. This would in turn mean quick disposal of cases on the part of our Judiciary along with presence of responsive and efficient investigating agencies.

Bringing the above into action is a basic necessity for a democracy like us to prosper and fulfill its ambition of giving justice to the idea of a welfare state.