The Upcoming Star!

It’s not very often that you get a chance to share the same platform with an upcoming star from Bollywood and when you do, you try to cherish it and keep it as a memory in times to come.

And so did I, when I happened to meet the likes of Kriti Sanon, a batch mate of a very dear friend of mine from DPS, R K Puram. It took a while for people to realize who she was with few talking of her as the heroine who was cast along with Tiger Shroff in Heropanti. IMG_2513

I must admit that she looks prettier from a hand’s distance than what she does in movies ;). Though, I wouldn’t want to focus on that part. What I would want to speak about is the hard work and dedication that goes behind achieving the same.

Modelling, from where Kriti started her career, is no mean feat to achieve. It involves hours of hard work and immense motivation to get through the tough times you ought to face when you enter such a competitive field as Modelling.

Again to have the courage to take the leap of faith from Modelling to movies is another feather in the cap that Kriti Sanon has been able to achieve to a great extent. Though there is a long way to go before she could achieve success similar to what let’s say Deepika Padukone has achieved, yet she has all the things going for her when it comes to taking the right steps to stardom.

I would like to wish her all the success and happiness in the world, and would see her at the movies ;).

Cosmetic Surgery: Is it Ethical to do so?

Yesterday, I was having this conversation with a very gorgeous friend of mine, and she was telling me about the various surgeries that have been done by actresses in Bollywood, which have made them look quite beautiful. According to her, it was a totally inappropriate thing to do not only because it might have certain side effects but also because she considered it totally unethical on the part of actresses to show audiences something which is not true or natural.

After she left, I tried mulling over the same. My first thought was that, girls can be jealous, so may be she was just being a girl. But on second thoughts, she talked about being ethical and non-ethical, and I had to solve this mystery behind ethics.

The analysis started from the thought as to why girls would want to be beautiful? May be because it is quite cherished in our society and people like meeting and seeing beautiful people. Guys get attracted to girls in big time if the girl is gorgeous and sensuous, so that seems like quite a logical reason as to why girls would want to look sexy and hot.

In case of actresses, who are also girls and are in the business not only because they can act but also because they add tremendous glamor quotient to a movie. In fact, in lot of movies we have seen that actresses have very little role and what they end up doing is either performing a really sensuous song or just making the movie glamorous. This indeed gives some of the actresses, who are not very beautiful naturally or do not have a well-toned body/curves, a reason to go for Cosmetic surgeries or for Botox etc.

Now whether this is ethical or not depends on how you perceive it to be. Does it amount to giving audiences a fake show of what is not real? After all make-up does the same thing to a woman and when that is not considered unethical then why should a thing like cosmetic surgery should be considered unethical?

As far as the Bollywood business is concerned, they are there to make money and as they say “Sex Sells“, so they make sure that the actress in their movie look as pretty as possible. So, indeed the act of an actress going for cosmetic surgery is a reflection of the demands of our society towards film makers and this demand is passed on to the actresses who, in order to be popular and successful, find solace in the cosmetic surgery. After all, it’s about the demands of a society.

Do you think actresses should go for cosmetic surgery in order to enhance their beauty on and off-screen? (Let us know)

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