Often people talk about the ill effects of indulgence,

Be it smoking,


Be it excessive drinking or eating junk,

Though very few will tell you that the word in itself is not bad after all,

If you indulge in your own well being,

Trying to become a better version of yourself each day,

Trying to improve that delta bit each day,

Making sure that you are moving closer to your aim in life,

Be it losing weight, becoming fitter,

Be it getting into a particular profession,


Be it marrying the love of your life,

Learning the intricacies of life at all times,

Coming closer to being wise,


Becoming aware of the very fundamentals of what’s its all about!

Time for some indulgence in your well being then, what say!

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Choti Si Soch!

You might have heard from all the so called business gurus  and the mentors, thriving and practically living by giving one advice, which seems to remain constant across, is to think big. 

Each one from such tribe, capable of putting on the gravest possible face on earth, would tell you, to chase your dreams, to believe in your imagination, to thrive on your ambition and the list goes on and on, can mention a dozen more such phrases but will save the effort and time, for it doesn’t matter, it refers to the same thing after all.

What if I were to tell you, that thinking big is nothing but a collection of thinking small things every day of your life.

It is taking one small step each day to come up with something that builds on a daily basis, which tends to give you more satisfaction and sense of accomplishment than being thinking constantly about that one big goal, that you seem to have formulated in your mind, and every now and then comparing your current state of affairs to that imagined wanna be state of affairs, dreaming about when it would be when you will reach the helm of your dream, makes you either sad or delighted, depending on the difference between the two.

Why I would say so is, at the end of the day, isn’t it about reaching the helm?

Well, to a certain extent it is, whatever that imagined helm, which by the way is perceived differently by most of us, though it’s one and the same, yet the essence of the very fact that you are living is not to reach some established goal but to enjoy every moment of the process.


For, if you were just meant to be happy only if and when you reach your goal, don’t you think it would just be a waste of your time, effort and energy, and what if, you realize that reaching your goal was nothing more than being in possession of your favorite toy when you were young, in the process of which you missed some very important aspects of the very life which you thought were living.

And when such a thing happens, you don’t have any other option but to feel sorry for the way you conducted your life all through.

Be conscious of the fact, that this choti si soch each day of your lives,

be it spending some time with your mom or dad,

be it using some part of your available time to take your dog for a walk,

be it spending some time with your kids talking about what they did the very day,

be it reading at least 10-15 pages of the book that you might have wanted to read for a long time,

be it taking out time for your own self in the form of some exercise, Yoga or meditation,

be it dedicating yourself to a social cause,

is bound to make that difference in your life, which you might have been looking for, all through and not finding which you feel stressed out to the core.

So, if you wanna make sense out of this piece of this very life that you have been lucky to be bestowed with, would want to give you the mool mantra of:

“think chota and live bada!”

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Dil-Dimaag ETC!

May be it was me! May be it was my parents! May be the time was such! May be we didn’t take it so seriously! May be it was destiny!

Whatever it was, it was great. Our parents would say that their times were the best. We might say that our times were the best and today’s generation might go on to say that their time is the best.

Of course there will be perspectives and of course they all will be very different. If you are wondering that I have gone crazy, then you are not that far in discovering one aspect, just one aspect of this modern world that seemed to have caught up with all college going youngsters.

They are all very focused. They all seem to know what they are going to do in their lives. They all think a lot about what if they don’t achieve what they want to. They all wonder what if?

It’s good to know what one wants in his or her life and Shiv Khera, the famous motivational speaker of our era, would agree to making plans and implementing the same through out your life.

Somehow, most guys in my generation weren’t aware what they wanted to do. Even if they were aware of the subconscious, not many would come out in the open saying the obvious.

May be we were scared to express ourselves to the point of being judged good or bad, may be we were not so sure about things, may be it was so subconscious that it struggled to come out no matter how hard we tried, may be the world was not ready to listen to our aspirations, may be we had lived in an age of secrecy, may be we believed that “kisi ki nazar lag jayegee“, may be it was a phenomenon that could be associated with the small towns and cities in India.

But today’s generation is expressive to the core. What they want, they are ready to speak out about it with no hesitation what so ever. The other day I had the fortune of meeting this wonderful youngster who is so focused that he has forgotten everything around himself.

His aim and his college room in which he spends nearly half of his time has become his life. I could never imagine myself not venturing out during our cultural festival in college and being confined inside the four walls thinking about how could I reach my goal.

Sometimes I wonder whether not having a concrete goal in my life worked for me, because I could see myself not moving in one particular direction and was open to trying new things in life.head heart

Yes, everything has its pros and cons. On one hand, where I listened to what my heart had to say, on the other hand, those who listened to what their heads were telling them to do, are much better off in terms of materialistic possessions in life than may be what I am.

But does that matter? In the end what will matter are the experiences that you might take along with you, may be even that won’t matter, because you never know what lies on the other side of scheme of things.

Instead of thinking about what matters and what doesn’t, wouldn’t it be wonderful to live life as you want it to be, not what say your parents aspire for you, or elders in your family want you to do.

So that when you are 70 and when you sit on a chair watching the sun set, you don’t have any regrets in your life “ki kaash us samein main aisa kar leta“.

I have always believed very strongly that you should always go by your gut feeling because your gut receives direct inputs from your heart and your heart will never deprive you of what you are meant to be.

On the other hand, if you choose to listen to your grey matter, then it will surely find a means to convince you to abide by the manipulated version that it has in store for you to follow.

So, make your choice between heart and head because what goes by, never comes back and what is today will not be tomorrow.

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