Kundali Recruiter!

If what the 50 lakh pundits and astrologers in our country say was true, just a thought, why not have a Chief Astrologist on board in your company.

Every time a person comes with his/her resume, we would actually send him back to bring his kundali (horoscope) and then forward the same to our chief astrologist, who would then, based on his judgement/reading would decide whether the person would be a great fit for the role that we are hiring for.


And going forward, if the person doesn’t perform according to what was predicted, it was because our chief astrologist would have made mistake while making some calculation and instead of penalizing the guy, we would actually penalize the astrologer by, let’s say, not giving him incentives.

How easy and focused the performance appraisal would become!

Even better, if we wanted someone who wouldn’t commit the human errors, we would actually build a machine which would think like an astrologer and predict the entire scheme of things.

Don’t know how feasible this is, but what if?

Source for the Image: http://www.ganeshaspeaks.com/article/horoscope.action

What is it?

I used to wonder at times as to how robotic our lives have become. One gets up in the morning knowing that at such a such time, one needs to be in office, knowing that at such a such time one needs to have one’s lunch, knowing that at such a such time one would go back home, knowing that while going home one would be caught up in the ever increasing traffic on the streets, knowing that after coming back home one would be tired enough not to venture out for familial entertainment and if the better half happens to be working then there wouldn’t be any discussion about the same, knowing that one would watch Big Boss starting from today before hitting the bed the very night.

And on the weekends, one would get up late as one wishes to get over the tiredness one accrues during the week, do the weekend chores of getting the groceries etc and end up watching a movie or spending one’s time in a mall finding means to spend the hard earned money and to get rid of so called boredom in ones’ lives.

For most of us the life would look something like what I have tried to describe above. Have you ever given it a thought as to what is it that’s making us do the same? What is it that guides our day-to-day lives? What is it that is not giving us time to ponder over what kind of life we would ideally want to lead? What is it that is stopping you from pursuing what you like doing? What is it that is proving to be a hindrance when it comes to you venturing out for hobbies which you like the most? What is it that is making you think what if?

Have you ever realized how little a time we have in this world? Have you ever been able to figure out what is that one thing which you would want to accomplish in your life? What is that one thing that gives you more happiness and satisfaction than any other thing in this World? And if you have been able to figure out the same, then why is it that you are not doing that? Why is it that most of us are not able to find the courage to drop out of the rat race and do the abnormal? Why is that most of us end up following the tide and continue to do so till we attain an age where it is no more feasible to do that one thing?images

The destiny lies in your hand. The choice is yours. The answer lies with none other than you. No pundit, no sadhu baba, no jyotishi can help you find your answers but you yourself.

So, are you ready to take up the challenge and figure out that one thing which you would want to do all your life? Do you have the guts to swim against the tide? Do you have it in you to do the abnormal without worrying about the consequences?

As far as success is concerned, the very definition lies with you. It is you who defines what success means to you. It is you who, when you retire, would reminisce and put a stamp of sorts on the life you did live. It is you who can decide whether you want to make your life a success or repent, say 30-40 years down the line, saying, “kaash, main ye kar leta or leti”. 

If you are reading this today, then think about it my dear friend, because zindagi na milegi dobara and kal ho na ho. 

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The Palmist!

What happens if someone holds your hand in her hand and tells you about various facets of your life looking at the different kind of lines that seem to adorn your hand with what can be called your destiny. Would you want to believe in whatever the palmist has to offer using all her knowledge and want to abide by her advice or would you just take it in your stride believing that whatever has to happen will happen irrespective of all the advices and opinions given by none other than the all so famous palmist?palmist

Yesterday, I happened to be in the company of a palmist who has supposedly being predicting quite accurately for a number of people who have gone to her for help over a period of time which can surely vouch for her credibility when it comes to looking at her in the form of a professional palmist.

Though, I am not much a believer of such things, I met this beautiful girl, thanks to a common friend. Amongst all the chit-chat and the conversation that ensued, there were talks of the palmist seeing my hand. I guess more than myself, the company that I had at that point of time seemed to be more interested in what the palmist had to say about me.

The group dynamics took control of my individuality and I complied with what the group wanted from me which was to offer my hand to the palmist who was supposed to enlighten me about the various aspects of my life and my future. Without going into the details of what was told to me, it was quite interesting to witness the aplomb with which the palmist seem to tell me things about myself which I too didn’t seem to know, as if she knew more about the person.

She carried on and on with her predictions about things ranging from my professional life to love life. After she had finished looking at my hand and after having told me things she seemed to have noticed through the lines on my palm, she asked me whether I wanted to know something specifically from her.

To her surprise, I didn’t seem to have any questions. But guess what, the company that I had indeed were waiting for this wonderful opportunity. At least they were kind enough to take my persmission before bombarding the palmist with all the questions they had about me, to which the palmist was quite happy to respond.

After having got all the answers from the palmist, the company looked satisfied at the same time perplexed and curious whether what had been told would indeed turn out to be true.

Well, no one could have told at that point of time whether all the things would indeed happen. Only time would tell whether what was told about me would fall in place as had been predicted.destiny-poster-l

Soon after, I took their leave. As I was driving back home alone, the words of the palmist seemed to resonate in my head, “no matter how hard you try and no matter how much you desire, the luck will have its own way of looking at things and would do you good but may be not in the same way as you might want it to.

Little did I understand about the implications of what she said, yet I wonder whether it is the luck that drives us or it is the other way around, as I have always believed and would continue doing so.

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