जी लो, मरना तो है ही !

It’s not often that you tend to meet a baba of sorts, who discusses things, which might seem logical to your little self that you are and one such conversation is what I would want to share with you:

Baba—“you should do what you love doing”

Me—“but baba, it’s not so easy. What you love doing don’t bring you the same materialistic assets, the thing you end up doing is what makes you rich and successful.”

Baba—“what you are calling success, is it really success? the thing that you are calling rich, are you really rich?”

Me—“at least the world perceives so.”

Baba—-“why else do you think people are so dissatisfied with the kind of lives they are living.”


Baba—“why do you think people take small things so seriously and get upset because of the same, why people have lost the knack of laughing at themselves!”

Me—“may be because they are too engrossed in what they are doing!”

Baba—“why do you think there is so much gap in what people do and what people want to do?”

Me—“the pay offs?”

Baba—“may be, but more than that, it’s the ability to take risk and chasing one’s mission which is much bigger than the wealth that comes along with the same”

Me—“but many wouldn’t know what is their mission in life”

Baba–“might be, but one thing they would know for sure is what they like dong and what they don’t, after all jee lo marna to hai hi.”


And then baba left traversing the path that he was supposed to, leaving me wondering about what he had said in the end.

After all, if A was the set of things you were doing and B the set what you want to do, then A intersection B, one should try to make as big as possible, is what I could comprehend from what the baba said.

Might be wrong or right, if such a thing actually exist, but one thing we all can and, in my opinion should do, is to give it a thought and figure out what that A intersection B could mean for each one of us.

Source for the Image: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Venn_diagram

What is it?

I used to wonder at times as to how robotic our lives have become. One gets up in the morning knowing that at such a such time, one needs to be in office, knowing that at such a such time one needs to have one’s lunch, knowing that at such a such time one would go back home, knowing that while going home one would be caught up in the ever increasing traffic on the streets, knowing that after coming back home one would be tired enough not to venture out for familial entertainment and if the better half happens to be working then there wouldn’t be any discussion about the same, knowing that one would watch Big Boss starting from today before hitting the bed the very night.

And on the weekends, one would get up late as one wishes to get over the tiredness one accrues during the week, do the weekend chores of getting the groceries etc and end up watching a movie or spending one’s time in a mall finding means to spend the hard earned money and to get rid of so called boredom in ones’ lives.

For most of us the life would look something like what I have tried to describe above. Have you ever given it a thought as to what is it that’s making us do the same? What is it that guides our day-to-day lives? What is it that is not giving us time to ponder over what kind of life we would ideally want to lead? What is it that is stopping you from pursuing what you like doing? What is it that is proving to be a hindrance when it comes to you venturing out for hobbies which you like the most? What is it that is making you think what if?

Have you ever realized how little a time we have in this world? Have you ever been able to figure out what is that one thing which you would want to accomplish in your life? What is that one thing that gives you more happiness and satisfaction than any other thing in this World? And if you have been able to figure out the same, then why is it that you are not doing that? Why is it that most of us are not able to find the courage to drop out of the rat race and do the abnormal? Why is that most of us end up following the tide and continue to do so till we attain an age where it is no more feasible to do that one thing?images

The destiny lies in your hand. The choice is yours. The answer lies with none other than you. No pundit, no sadhu baba, no jyotishi can help you find your answers but you yourself.

So, are you ready to take up the challenge and figure out that one thing which you would want to do all your life? Do you have the guts to swim against the tide? Do you have it in you to do the abnormal without worrying about the consequences?

As far as success is concerned, the very definition lies with you. It is you who defines what success means to you. It is you who, when you retire, would reminisce and put a stamp of sorts on the life you did live. It is you who can decide whether you want to make your life a success or repent, say 30-40 years down the line, saying, “kaash, main ye kar leta or leti”. 

If you are reading this today, then think about it my dear friend, because zindagi na milegi dobara and kal ho na ho. 

Source for Image: http://www.goodreads.com/poll/show/16670-what-pic-should-be-our-group-pic-plz-vote-this-is-very-important-ever

Publicity Stunt: It is Rakhi Sawant Again!

How could you keep this lady away from news? She indeed has all the tricks up her sleeve to get into the same. This time around she has not even left the “baba” of our times, yes you guessed it right! Baba Ramdev is now on her hit list. She wants to get married to the Yoga guru. Not only Rakhi Sawant but also a number of Bollywood celebrities have resorted to such techniques for promoting their movies etc.

I sometimes wonder, how easy it has become to get into limelight. You just have to pick up a person currently in news and try to attach yourself to the person in some way or the other and bang, the next day you will be on the front page of a number of newspapers. This reminds me of the sorry state of the media.

But can we blame the media for this? After all, this is want people want to read and see, and of course media gives them what they want. So who is to be blamed in this case? Or should at all a question arise about the blame game? After all it is just the reflection of the changing value system in our society.

Sometimes I wonder what is a value system and can it be universalized?

Let us know what you think about whether such stunts are effective in getting into limelight.

Source for Image: http://www.supergoodmovies.com/23193/kollywood/Rakhi-Sawant-want-Baba-Ramdev-money-News-Details

Lokpal Hooplah

The date, 16th of August is soon approaching and it will arrive faster than expected. What an appropriate date, Anna Hazare has chosen to launch the revolution against corruption! The governement on her part has warned Anna and of anyone who is planning to support him with the consequences sighting the example of what happened to Baba Ramdev.

The issue is taking an ugly shape: Anna and the Citizens of India Vs the Government. The government on her part has been utterly irresponsible in giving such warnings. Yes, they have tried to sort out the matter by forming a joint committee, but that is no excuse of giving such statements/warnings out in the public, especially when so much is at stake and the situation in the country really demands some proactive action on part of the government.

One of the arguments put forth by the better half (government) is that the institutions that can deal with corruption are already in place then why do we need a super regulator? It would have been perfectly alright if such institutions were doing their job well. But the problem is that these institutions have failed miserably, and the evidence for this can be well found in the spate of controversies that have come out in the public starting from 2G Spectrum to what not.

What needs to be done is to reach a consensus with regards to the Lokpal Bill that the government intends to introduce in the parliament in the monsoon session. The matters of contention could well be voted upon with a referendum as suggested by the civil society group, instead of issuing irresponsible and unwanted warnings about the outcome of an act proposed by Anna Hazare.

Source for Image: http://annajihazare.blogspot.com/