Mary Kom Vs Vijender Singh!

Marriage or for that matter, any relationship that has to do with physical attraction cum emotional binding (if it exists that is ;)) brings along with itself a sense of possession and accomplishment, to start with.

As the years pass by and the two become used to and tend to lose that sense of wanting, it looks like a dream bout between Mary Kom and Vijender Singh, if such was ever to take place, with each party throwing around the load of expectations on one another.

Just wonder, when the society was being formed and roles of each party were being formulated, the one who said, behind every successful man there is a woman, forgot to mention, behind every successful woman there can be a man, who can pretty much play the supporting role and should take great pride in doing the same.


If an entire movie, ki and ka, was not enough to inspire you to think about the same, I am sure you should by now, realize, that there are so many women doing some fantastic work in every field of work that you can possibly imagine.

If they have it in them, then what’s the issue in admitting, that they indeed are better at doing certain things which a man can only possibly wonder, in the wildest imagination of theirs.

I guess, that’s what being flexible and open minded means. Isn’t it?

Statements such as, “how can one survive on bahu’s income!”, which by the way is not so uncommon in Tier II and beyond cities and towns in India, need to be introspectively looked at.

If we are to evolve in the right sense of the word, this kind of mentality and perspective needs to change big time.

After all, it’s about discovering the consciousness inside oneself and not really get influenced from what the things and beings external to you teach.

As far as Mary Kom and Vijender Singh are concerned, they will continue to remain champions in their respective zones, just that when they come together at the same place at the same time, wonder how it would turn out to be ;).

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Saas ki khidmat ;)

What I saw today is what I can call an emerging trend which is increasingly being adopted by the to be intelligent bahus of our Indian society.

They have realized that more than wooing the guy, it is more important to woo the mother-in-law in order to ensure that peace and tranquility is maintained in the household.

And I witnessed one such demonstration of love towards the to be mother-in-law by one of my friends whom we all know by the name deo.

As if she was all prepared and was all set to completely sweep her to-be-mother-in-law of her feet. And trust me! She did extremely well in her endeavour and if there had been some sindoor in her hand, I am sure the mother-in-law would have filled that herself in her to be daughter-in-law’s maang.desktop15

After a stint with the mother-in-law, the prince charming for whom deo had waited for so long arrived in his nano and the blushing on her face was very much visible to each and everyone who was present on the occassion where the prince charming was supposed to take his to-be on a nano drive.

As if the couple was all set to sneek out of the gathering and guess what the couple didn’t waste any time what so ever and were no where to be found in just a couple of minutes after the arrival of prince charming.

It took them around an hour before they could be seen in the gathering once again. And much like an ideal daughter-in-law, she again stuck to her task of wooing her to-be-mother-in-law.

All in all, a very much thought out strategy adopted  by a very intelligent bahu concerning the lady of her life, who is all set to play the most important role in her new life, which will start immediately after she ties the knot.

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