Willing Chance!

Have you ever wondered what’s it’s come down to? 

Expecting from others to behave in a certain manner, contingent to our own limited liking, 

Be it: 







Any Passerby, 

And what purpose does it serve apart from making us more:





Primarily unstable, 

Possibly making us a member of a tribe which is lost but never to be found. 

Eventually ending up all lonely,


None would want to be in our company, 

None would aspire to keep arguing till eternity, 


More importantly, all would expect the unexpected

Choice is ours to be a party to the much-much group or be a worthy member of the much expected tribe: 

One who puts himself/herself in other’s shoes before judging or criticizing,


One who provides that all important ear to listen and not comment when it matters the most,


At such challenging times , why not bring a little change in the way we:






Only question being: 

Are we ready to give this transformation a willing chance? 

Source for the Image: https://www.business2community.com/strategy/change-to-have-a-chance-02283260, https://www.earth.com/news/right-ear-listening-ability/



Let me ask you a very simple question: what do you think is the root cause of all our issues?

Is it the lack of awareness of our hidden self as Freud puts it, or is it the irrational way in which we were conditioned all our lives, as many behavioral psychologists would vouch for?

If we were to make it simple enough, is it our inability to accept ourselves in full or part or is it the perception of others that tend to haunt us?

Is it the lack of EQ (Emotional Quotient) or is it lack of IQ as many of us would want to label it as?

On the hindsight, have you ever wondered, how much you want people to consider what you say seriously, have you ever wished that your bf/gf would take you seriously and in good regard?


If at all, this was to happen, what in your opinion it would be, good or bad?

Most of us would consider it as the best thing that could have possibly happened to you in your life, right?

Though, on second thoughts, it might be the worse that could ever happen to you, for it’s not about how serious your life ends up becoming, but how light you can possibly make it, by not taking things too seriously.

After all, for your own good, nothing is serious enough to be taken seriously!

Source for the Image: https://twitter.com/seriouslive


Kabhi kabhi mere dil mein khayal aata hai…kya karoon yaar…hamesha tere ishq ka bukhaar aur pyaar ka ikaraar chayya rehta hai….

This is not a dialogue from the likes of kya cool hain hum or kya super cool hain hum, but comes to you straight from 92.7 big FM’s bakwaas shayari, which I happened to be listening to, today in the afternoon, courtesy my inability to step out of my house because of the curfew situation that has seemed to grip my city again.

Second time, in just a couple of days, certainly, it’s not reflecting very well on the administration here in the city. DM of Bareilly seems to be on the move to ensure that situation shouldn’t deteriorate any further and is leaving no stone unturned while pursuing the same.

The steel frame, as it used to be called once in the British era, is no more the same. With the kind of politicization that has hit the very cores of our bureaucracy, coupled with Marx’s view of bureaucracy being involved in amassing power and self-aggrandisation, administrative reforms coupled with a social reform movement is the need of the hour.

The likes of Anna Hazare and Baba Ramdev are on the streets once again to raise their voices against corruption that has seemed to percolate in every nook and corner of our establishement, which we all like to give the name, society.

On one hand where there are so many issues that need a thought from the who’s who of our society, on the other hand, the nation is welcoming with open arms our Olympic heros who have managed to bring glory to both their respective sports and the nation.

What is very visible, though, is a plethora of emotions and a huge diversity in the kind of behaviour that people demonstrate towards various facets of life.

Sometimes I wonder, if it was not for our ability of expressing things, how boring and dull our lives would have become. I guess, the very essence of life is very much demonstrated in our actions and behaviour.

So, can I say: LIFE=BEHAVIOUR + IT’S IMPLICATIONS (think about it!)

Source for Image:http://thedeenshow.com/