Let me treat the word “hospitality” as two:hospital and fatality.

Without getting into the definitions of each, what one tends to attribute to the former is the latter.

Though, a hospital apart from taking care of the cases of fatality, also has a very beautiful aspect to it, which is bringing new lives into this world.

On one hand, where one can observe blood spilling all over either due to the accidents or a calamity,

On the other hand, one can witness the same blood unfolding magic of life which can be seen happening right in front of one’s eyes.


This makes me wonder, what we call contradictions, are nothing but the 2 sides of the same coin.

For death is no different in space and time as the birth, happening every moment of our experiential lives,

Scientifically and at an individual level which might be represented in the dynamics of the trillions of cells which constitute our body.

What differs though is our perceptions in terms of which side of the coin we have a tendency to look at.

Why am I calling it a tendency is because most of us go by the same, though each and every aspect is under our control if we choose to take control.

Whatever it might be, whether you take control or not, this game of hospital-ity or the game of life & death happens day-in-day-out.

Better to take at least some control, though, if you want to enjoy this game,

For if the shuttle or the ball (depends on which sports you play), doesn’t go where you want it to,

Why the hell one is playing this game for? 😉

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Hats off to Japan and her Spirit

There are many countries around the World which can learn from this 5 letter word country. It was in 1946 that Japan underwent a change in its administration to adopt a new democratic constitution. In just 2 decades from then, Japan fast-tracked to becoming an exemplary economy. Indeed, not having a military of her own helped to divert funds in other fields which would otherwise have been used up in setting and maintenance of the forces. But having said that, it takes nothing away from the efforts and human and capital investments made in technology and know-how.

If we have a look at the schooling system in Japan, the primary teachers are the highest paid for the shear reason that it is they who are influencing the mental framework of the children in their early ages which are supposed to be the character building years, and thus the teachers need to be of high quality, and in order to attract the best talents they pay extremely well. Coupled with the high quality of teachers, comes the methodology of teaching which encourages group cohesiveness and team-spirit.

If this was not enough, we must all bow down to the spirit that the citizens have shown while fighting the calamity in the form of Tsunami and the fallout of the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Plant thereafter, which is considered to be one of the biggest calamities of all times.Recently a fitting tribute was given to this spirit by the country’s Women Soccer Team by winning the World Cup. In a post match press conference, the captain of the team went on to say that what made her more happy was that she was being able to bring some joy amongst the Japanese who are suffering from the deadly calamity.

Hats off to the spirit of the nation and hats off to her citizens. Long live the spirit!

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