Once upon a time,


Rather, once in my lifetime,

There was a teacher,

Who used to say,

As you grow old, you will begin to think that you know it all (KIT),

With more success that you get,

You will feel, it’s all because of your hard work,

You will believe that you are knowledgeable enough,

Trust me, what we end up doing in our lives,

Is a consequence of lot more factors than what you think there are,

And in doing so, you might begin to act arrogant,

Without you realizing that you are doing so,

So, when you do become successful,

Just take a step back and give what I said, a thought,

And by doing so, you will probably not go down that path!

Few amongst us might not realize the significance of this,

I didn’t, when I was starting my career,

But I learnt it the hard way,

Probably, the relevance of this is only realized when you face it all.

Some food for thought, haan!

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In Need of a Poker Face?

The first time I came across something that was close to a professional relationship, sort of opening up to me, over a couple of drinks (had to be), and the first advice that came across was, “you need to be a poker face in the office!”.

Not knowing what to do with such an astonishingly unique advice, in the first instance, I thought about ignoring the same, but on second thoughts, I wondered whether what he was telling was true, considering that he was supposed to be the poster boy of the company, worth few crores at least, going by the little that I could think off at that point of time in my life.

I wondered whether all his success came from the magical formula that he had shared with me, or was it because he was trying to act wise after giving up his inhibitions, courtesy, the wonderful drinks that we were having.

I decided to observe. The more I did, the advice seemed to find validation in the offices that I happened to spend time within.

Though, a very poor emulator of sorts, I could never get into the groove and probably stayed away from treading the so called successful path.

Now that I look back at what has happened over the past decade or so, he has gone on to become one of the who’s who of business (wouldn’t want to get into the names 😉).

Had the pleasure of meeting him few days back, again over a couple of drinks, and reminded him of the good old days and his dynamism and of course his magical formula that he had been kind enough to share with me as part of the mentoring process, admitting at the same time, that I had been a bad student all through having not implemented the same.


He kept silent for a couple of minutes, then looked straight into my eyes,

You know what, that was probably the most wise and the dumbest of advice that I ever gave you, depends on how you look at it. 

Wise, because of what seems obvious, and dumb, because what the world probably cannot see but has definitely transpired within me and throughout my life. 

Poker did bring some luck, but never brought friends, poker did help me accumulate the wealth, but never helped me experience the wonderful emotions, which I always controlled to the best of my ability, poker did fulfill lot of aspirations and aims, but never got me the peace of mind that I have been craving for. 

Good, that you were a bad student, I just pity those, who became the best students I ever had.”

And then we went on to spend the entire night, chit-chatting about what if!

Which makes me wonder, how many out there, spend their entire lives, playing to the tune of what the office politics has to offer, getting into a deep learning mode, where everyone is bent upon how to behave and what to do, in order to benefit the most from the system they happen to be in.

Food for thought, “should one really care about the same, and do you really need a poker face to succeed?

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I wanna become Miss India

Its not often that you see youngsters involved in outdoor sports these days, thanks to the emergence of the phenomenon we all call video and computer games. So, when I do see them doing the same, I am reminded of my own days.

And today was one such day. A group of 4 including 2 young guys and 2 girls, into their teens, were playing a mixed doubles Badminton match in my neighbourhood. The kind of quality and skills they demonstrated made me stand there to watch the match until it was over.

After the match, one of the girls approached me: “Bhaiya, I saw your column in the newspaper and I really like it, the advice that you give to students like us regarding their career. I wanted to ask you something.”

Thanks, haan poocho.”–Me

Bhaiya, do you think a girl like me can become Miss India?”–Girls

To be frank, I have answered questions regarding all the career options that one can think of, but I have never been asked this before. Considering what I know about the contest and the kind of skillset plus the personality traits that are required for the same, that I am aware of, plus my perception of the girl’s personality and since, I am a strong advocate of doing things of one’s liking (in case a person was really interested in doing the same), I answered:

Why not? You can become Miss India if you really want to and if you work hard at it, giving your 100% to things that are required for one to hold the title, which of course you will have to research upon.”

Having said the above, I just wondered and was in fact curious about why she wanted to become Miss India and in order to feed my curiosity I thought of asking the same to her.

“Well, I think I have got all that it takes to become Miss India. And moreover, I will become famous and rich, at the same time, I will get a chance to act in the Bollywood, which I so want to do :). “–Girl

The answer was quite straight to the point. I gave her a smile and decided to move on with my journey to meeting a friend.

While I was driving, I realized how times have changed. It was not long back, when kids in my neighbourhood would not think beyond the conventional career options as the others were considered too risky to even have a go at.

And today, there seems to be no boundations what so ever, when it comes to chosing a career, especially in bigger cities and the metropolitans.

Credit for this must also go to parents who have become more liberal and are accepting, at the same time giving encouragement to the wants and wishes of their children.

As I was about to reach my friend’s place, I wondered:

What would my newly born American niece want to become,say, 15 years down the line? 🙂 ”

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