Suresh Kalmadi Theatrical Drama

We all know who he is. We all know what he did, thanks to some sound resporting sone by media in our country. One thing is of sure, he is a really famous man, for not only doing things under the pretext of organizing the Commonwealth Games for which the whole country is ashamed of, but also blatantly denying all allegations in spite of the start realities and proofs.

And if this was not enough, he comes again with a strategy to redeem himself of the horrendous acts that he has commited. This time around, he is trying to portray himself as a victim of a degenerative disease called Cerebral Atrophy, a disease where a person loses his/her memory and ability to remember things with time.

He has been recommended to AIIMS, where he is due to undergo a MRI, which will not be able to reveal anything conclusively about the disease and if we are to go by the legal advice, he might well be able to redeem himself of all charges, if it’s proved that he is indeed suffering from the disease.

Surprisingly enough, certain questions do hit me when I see this whole drama. Firstly, why at all, action wasn’t taken for so long against the man in spite of the proofs that were available to the agencies from the beginning itself? Secondly, in spite of knowing that MRI/brain scan wouldn’t be able to tell anything conclusively, why was he recommended to AIIMS? And thirdly and most importantly, will he manage to get away from the hook so easily, based on a pretext that he tends to forget things?

Surely, he has played his cards well this time around. The only thing that perturbs me is: if the law of the country is not able to bring this man to justice then don’t we need amendments to the law of the country which ensures that justice is done and people like Suresh Kalmadi are not allowed to escape the same.

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